New World Main Story Quest List

New World Main Story Quest List: The primary questline of the game’s Heart of Madness patch begins as the player chases Isabella back to Broken Mountain. According to the official blog article, New World players must accept the mission from Yseult Meredith, who can be found at Mountain Village Outpost in Broken Mountain, to start the last quest, “The Heart of the Tempest.”

New World Main Story Quest List

You are now deep within the Tempest’s Heart Expedition, and the time has come for the decisive confrontation with Isabella. As you go farther into her warped mind, learn about her mysteries from the past, said Amazon Game Studios.

The Tempest’s Heart is an end adventure for five people, according to the creator, and is suggested for level 60 gamers with Gearscores around 550 and 570.

The MMO now features a new range weapon called the Blunderbuss in addition to the eagerly anticipated final story objectives. The weapon will have two weapons mastery branches, allowing the player to select between two different playstyles, and is the first weaponry in New World to grade on strength and intellect.

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List of New World’s Main Story Quests:

You and other players may have various titles for Main Quests.

While playing New World, keep in mind that even if the major quests may have different titles, the goals are still the same for each one.

To quickly access the walkthrough for each Main Quest, simply try clicking one of the buttons below:

Sole Survivor:

Sole Survivor is the first task in New World. You will see a brief cutscene after selecting your planet and server. You will then select your character’s name.

New World Main Story Quest List

After that, you will be on the deck of the ship as it navigates through a storm.

You’ll awaken on the beach after the storm.

A Corrupted starts attacking you right away. This battle will be a rapid time event, and your control scheme will affect the onscreen prompts.

After this fast-time event, approach Captain Aldous Thorpe to engage in conversation.

He will then talk with Captain Thorpe before passing away.

You must advance up the beach while eliminating some of your adversaries.

Your skill with a weapon will improve once you take out a few adversaries. The decision to assign a skill level in the weapons skill tree is thereafter yours.

After that, you should move forward and climb the mountain. On your ascent, you will encounter lovely, lush flora.

Take in the breathtakingly expansive vista of Aeternum once you have ascended to the mountain’s summit.

Dear New World, welcome.

The Captain can be found if you turn right and descend into the area of dark red-orange veins. Has he now become corrupt?

You will be transferred to a different beach after fighting corrupted Commander Thorpe until he launches a powerful corruption attack.

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On the sand, Flint is available for interaction by approaching you. Flint will be necessary later, so it’s advisable to keep going across the shore.

The Rest of the Crew:

The Part of the Crew Main Quest in New World navigation instructions are provided on this page. You will learn how to complete a quest’s many objectives, open a chest, stand in a territory, and more!

New World Main Story Quest List

You must learn what happened to the rest of your team after meeting your Watcher.

Your Watcher informs you that Aeternum is unique from other locations. In a natural sense, dying here isn’t the same. On Aeternum, aging is extremely rare. They claim that today, people hardly recall the Old World.

You must go look into the shipwreck and eliminate 3 Drowned at the Watcher’s request.

Make your way to the shipwreck by crossing the shoreline.

The next step is crossing a body of water. You must practically get your feet wet because the water is barely a few inches high. Your ship will be visible in the distance.

When you reach the shore, you can see some Drowned foes nearby. Three Drowned eliminat for your Watcher.

Your region will scale up as soon as you have killed three Drowned. Launch your map, which varies based on your control strategy. Then you can allocate a point to your first territory standing.

A Skinning Knife:

This page offers instructions for completing the main quest in A Skinning Knife’s New World. In Aeternum, you will learn how to gather materials and make a Flint Skinning Knife.

New World Main Story Quest List

Your Watcher will ask you to make a Flint Peeling Knife as your first tool after you have interacted with them.

To make a Flint Skinning Knife, you need 1 Flint and 1 Green Wood. The edges of beaches and next to tree stumps are two locations where Flint can be found.

Since you will require many Flints for the following main quests, gather approximately a dozen of them.

Additionally, 1 Green Wood is required to make a Pebble Skinning Knife. In lush greenery, you can find bushes that, when you interact with them, will give you Green Wood. You will want Green Pine for future missions, so gather a dozen.
Return to your Watcher once you have collected Green Wood and Flint. The Watcher’s Campfire is where you should go to make your Pebble Skinning Knife.

The Flint Skinning Knife’s small highlighted icon may be found on the list’s left side. When you tap on it, a list of the materials and their corresponding quantities will appear.

Your first tool, a Pebble Skinning Knife, will create once you click Craft in the highlighted box on the bottom right.

You can now approach the Watcher after leaving the station, having finished the mission and receiving your very own Pebble Skinning Knife!

Storm Warning:

The Storm Warning Main Quest in New World can navigate using the information on this page. Colonies, Town Hall meetings, and more will cover.

New World Main Story Quest List

Although the immediate problem is resolve by conquering the Corrupt in the sea cave, Corruption can reappear.

To talk with the Constable, you must travel to the Settlement. Check wherever you have to go by opening your map.

You can kill boars, skin creatures, and clear trees for resources as you make your way toward the Settlement.

Direct travel time to the Settlement will be several minutes.

The Constable is found within the Settlement’s Town Hall, which you should approach. You will have accomplished this quest after receiving a warm welcome from the Constable.

Rustle Up a Meal:

On this page, we’ll go over how to complete the Rustle Up a Meal Main Quest in the New World. You will learn how to use tools, combat wild animals, skin animals, cook, and more!

New World Main Story Quest List

After talking with your Watchers, they will ask you to skin a wild boar so they can prepare a supper with your freshly made Flint Skinning Knife.

Boar hunting is already very popular in this region.

You must kill a wild boar once you find it.

You must skin the carcass of a boar after killing it.

Hover over the Flint Skinning Knives from your previous Main Quest in your inventory, then equip it to the knife slot.

Exit the inventory after putting the knife on and proceed to the Boar’s carcass to skin it.

The body of the boar will vanish once you’ve finished skinning it, and your skills in tracking and skinning will also advance. A few items, including the pork you have to cook, will earn by you.

You must now return to the Viewer’s Campfire to prepare the skinned pork for a light ration.

Navigate to the marked item on the list just on the left side when you get close to the campfire. Choose how much Light Ration you want to make, then leave the station once you’re done preparing it.

Your proficiency in cooking will have improved!

You will have learned skinning, hunting, and cooking as well as received your first armor case after completing this mission.

For more goodies, open your armor case in your inventory! When you open higher-level cases, you’ll get better rewards!

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