Tactics Ogre Reborn Trophy Guide

Tactics Ogre Reborn Trophy Guide: Prior to the PS5 and PS4 game’s releases which have been in the mainstream for a very long time, Tactics Ogre Reborn awards were released, and it appears that numerous playthroughs and tactical saves will be necessary if players wish to get the platinum trophy.
The Tactics Ogre Reborn trophies were just delivered to us. There are 34 trophies total, 27 of which are hidden. However, we strongly advise keeping those trophies concealed because the award descriptions will ruin parts of Tactics Ogre Reborn’s tough player-driven plot beats. Read on for a preview of what’s coming up without any spoilers.

The good news is that there aren’t many branches in Tactics Ogre Reborn’s branching plot routes, which can be the misery of a trophy hunter’s existence. Without giving anything away, it should be noted that you’ll receive a prize for each choice you make. However, there may come a time when you’re requested to actually transform into an inhuman monster. Games just pushed a lot harder on darker vibes back in the PS1 days, you know? It’s precisely this kind of gloom that had us psyched to play this PS1 remake.

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Tactics Ogre Reborn Trophy Guide
Tactics Ogre Reborn Trophy Guide

Tactics Ogre Reborn Latest Update:

Players of Tactics Ogre Reborn on the PS5 and PS4 should frequently use tactical saves to obtain the True Hero platinum award more quickly due to branching timelines (no difficulty trophies though). Players who enjoy going back and playing through the earliest missions of this version of Final Fantasy Tactics’ predecessor should feel free to let the game develop more naturally and allow their permadeath Fire Emblem habits to take the lead. There are 18 bronze, 11 silver, 4 gold, and 1 platinum trophy available for use in Tactics Ogre Reborn. On November 11th, 2022, Square Enix will release Tactics Ogre: Reborn, a game it has produced and published. Tell us in the comments whether you plan to check out the game and whether you think it deserves a spot on our list of the best PlayStation JRPGs.

Tactics Ogre Reborn Complete List:

On the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Tactics Ogre: Reborn, you can play. Sadly, there isn’t a gamerscore-generating Xbox version of the game. But those who download it on a PlayStation console or a computer can, respectively. Earn trophies and Steam achievements. Apart from the single platinum trophy. There are a total of 34 trophies in the game. 18 bronze, 11 silver, and 4 gold. The entire list can be describe below. However, Keep in mind that even though this is a re-release. Some fans may view the descriptions as potential spoilers. For everyone else, it’s presumably a long list of characters’ names and other terms that have no real-world significance.

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True Hero: Acquired all of the awards. (Platinum)
Rescued Duke Ronwey from incarceration in Almorica Castle. Hero of Golyat. (Bronze)
The Necromancer Nybeth was confront by the Corpse Dancer at Qadriga Fortress, and his sinister experiments put to an end. (Bronze)
Butcher of Golyat: Executed Duke Ronwey’s horrifying plan to kill the 5,000 innocents in Balmamusa. (Silver)
Fallen Hero: You were made a wanted man because you stood up against Duke Ronwey’s callous plan to slaughter the Balmamusa village’s defenceless citizens (Silver)
Man of Proven Worth: Teamed up with Arycelle, one of the few people who knew the truth about Balmamusa, and escaped a trap set by Vyce. (Bronze)

Tactics Ogre Reborn Complete Information:

Sir Leonar was rescue from captivity in the Qadriga Fortress by a miracle worker. (Bronze)

The Unflinching: On the Bahanna Highlands, rescued the blind swordsman Hobyrim from the Resistance. (Bronze)

Untarnished Hero: At Brigantys Castle, Sir Xaebos, commander of the Galgastani army’s remnants, was vanquish. The Conqueror (Silver) captured Coritanae Keep and prosecuted Hierophant Balbatos.

(Bronze) He Who Walks In Darkness: At the Arkhaiopolis of Rhime, he freed the blind swordsman Hobyrim and defeated the Bakram armies led by the Dark Knight Ozma. Sir Xaebos, commander of the Galgastani army remnants, was defeat at Almorica Castle by the (Bronze) Destroyer of Galgastan. (Silver)
Driven by the Dark Knights out of Phidoch Castle and seized command of Valeria’s southern region is Southron Liberator. (Gold)

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