Path to Nowhere Banner List-All Details

Path to Nowhere Banner List:

Path to Nowhere Banner List: The Path To Nowhere Next Banner has it been revealed? This tower defence role-playing game has gained popularity ever since it was just introduced thanks to its engaging gameplay, quests, and brutal and strong sinful characters. It’s time to learn about the upcoming cast of Path To Nowhere characters, sins, and banners.

Path to Nowhere already began with a list of the first characters and sinners from the three Tiers; currently, the following sinners and banners for the Path To Nowhere China region are being unveiled one at a time. The Path to Nowhere video game’s CN server may have some strong banners featuring sinners, according to leaks.

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 Path to Nowhere Banner List

Beginning the following week, each new banner and sinner for Path to Nowhere’s CN servers will be unveiled. Like the Zoya sinner, each of these new PTN sinners and banners will be extremely strong in terms of skills and abilities.

All Upcoming Path to Nowhere Next Banner:

Now, for the second week of November 2022, here is the full list of all the new and exclusive future banners, characters, and sinners from Path to Nowhere.

  • Whimsical Summer Banner
  • Zoya from the Unbreakable Banner
  • Star Gazer from Awakening Dreams
  • Wonderful Night Banner
  • Land of Forgetfulness LTM Banner
  • Astrologer S Rank
  • Eirene from the Shifting Chess Striker Banner
  • No Worries Banner with the Demon Sinner
  • Kava Kava A Rank
  • Routine Summoning Banner
  • Regular Summoning Banner
  • Sin and Order Summoning Banner

These are all on the anticipated list of Path to Nowhere banners, each of which will feature a different sinner and character.

Many new characters from the Astrologer Arcane S ranked sinner can be anticipated for the forthcoming and succeeding banners, including some of the game’s most terrifying sinners, like Zoya.

The sinners will be an essential part of every combat in the game, and Kava Kava will be a strong Sinner character from the new banner that is A ranked from Path to Nowhere.

More on Path To Nowhere Upcoming Banners:

Every character in the new Path to Nowhere banner will have a unique power, giving them all the best skills and abilities.

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For instance, the S-ranked sinful astrologer character has certain magic and arcane talents. The astrologer can employ an orb with some added magical abilities. In the forthcoming game patches, Astrologer Sinner’s attacking and damaging capabilities will also be boost.

These are the most recent revisions to the Path To Nowhere team’s banner, characters, and sinners. We’ll update you here as soon as more banners for Path to Nowhere events are reveal.

Some of these new Path to Nowhere banner additions will be temporary, but the remaining PTN banner characters will become permanent after next week.

What is the Next Event from Path To Nowhere in November 2022? 

The Raging Sands event is a brand-new, unique Path to Nowhere event. On November 10, 2022, the Raging Sands event will begin to take place for all Path to Nowhere players. The Path to Nowhere game’s new exclusive and future banners, characters, and sinners will mostly be featur at this Raging Sands event.


That concludes the news from our OP end on the new Path to Nowhere Next Banner, Characters, and Sinners. Here, all upcoming flags, sinners, and characters for Path to Nowhere have been unveil.

Keep checking Official Panda for further Path of Nowhere exclusive events, materials, and updates on banners, characters, and sinners. For more information on gaming news and content, visit us frequently.

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