New World Medium Armor Combination

New World Medium Armor Combination:

New World Medium Armor Combination: In the MMORPG Amazon’s New World, armour has a significant impact on how your character performs in general.

It not only offers mitigations but also controls how fast or sluggish your character moves during battle. Through the usage of perks and gem slots, armour in New World can also grant your character with unique bonuses and extra attribute points. In our New World Armor Guide, we go over all of this and more.

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New World Medium Armor Combination

Tiers & Rarity:

The gear system in New World is based on different tiers and gear scores. However, all gear including armor has a specific level requirement as well. The level requirement for a specific piece of gear is based on its gear score.

  • Tier 2 – Level 1-19
  • Tier 3 – Level 20-39
  • Tier 4 – Level 40-59
  • Tier 5 – Level 60

Also worth noting is that higher rarity gear has a lower level requirement than lower rarity gear with the same gear score, which makes the rarity of gear even more valuable.

Armor Rarities:

There are different gear rarities in New World, and armor is no exception. The progression of rarity in gear is as follows:

  • Common (Gray)
  • Uncommon (Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (Purple)
  • Gold (Legendary)

You receive one rarity point for each armour perk. There are a total of 5 possible rarity points, with a gem slot and qualities also counting as rarity points. An item will be considered a Legendary item if it has a maximum of 5 rarity points. Additionally, the gear score will be higher within the tier range of the gear the rarer the item. Each level of rarity is accompanied by a certain number of benefits (also known as rarity points):

  • Common: 0
  • Uncommon: 2
  • Rare: 3
  • Epic: 4
  • Legendary: 5

It’s worth noting that there can be either 1 or 2 attribute bonuses associated with a piece of gear, and both 1 and 2 attribute points are considered 1 rarity point.

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Gear Score:

In New Worldgear score is important to the overall strength of your build. Gear score follows a range per tier of gear:

  • Tier II:  Gear Score 100-299
  • Tier III: Gear Score 250-399
  • Tier IV: Gear Score 350-499
  • Tier V:  Gear Score 450-600

Umbral Shards can be used to raise your gear score above 600. Currently, umbral shards can raise your gear score from 601 to 625 (for more information, see our expertise guide and umbral shard guide). Your gear score scales with your physical and elemental resistances. The greater your mitigations, the higher the gear score. For a detailed explanation of how Gear Score functions in New World, please see our Gear Score Guide.

Physical vs Elemental Armor:

The two sorts of resistance that make up amor in the New World are physical and elemental. All physical damage types, including melee, ranged musket, ranged bow, axe throws, etc., are lessened by physical resistance. Elemental resistance lessens the effects of all forms of magic damage, including fire, void, lightning, etc.

Ratings for physical and elemental armour scale uniformly across all classes of armour. As a result, heavy armour has the highest physical and elemental armour ratings, while light armour has the lowest for both. However, light and medium armour also has various benefits, which are listed below under the “Armor Weight” section.

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