New Fortnite Naruto Skins

New Fortnite Naruto Skins:

New Fortnite Naruto Skins: Is Naruto making a return to Fortnite? Many gamers are interested in knowing the solution to this, and happily, there is good news. Epic recently announced that it would be working with the Naruto series in the future.

Players have been waiting for another collaboration featuring more characters from the genre since the initial release of Fortnite x Naruto in Chapter 2 Season 8.

One of the strongest seasons in terms of teamwork so far is Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 3. The season is proud of its remarkable partnership with the Lucasfilms, which brought Darth Vader into the game. This season’s reputation will only be enhanced by the upcoming Naruto cooperation.

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 New Fortnite Naruto Skins

The return of Naruto to Fortnite was alluded shortly before the start of the current season. However, there was unfounded speculation that was further muddled by talk of the impending Battle Pass, which had previously been disclosed. The return of Naruto to Fortnite has been formally announced, much to the delight of players.

Naruto franchise will come back to Fortnite for a special collaboration:

The plan partnership will be name Fortnite x Naruto: Rivals and will be available on November 23rd, 2022, according to a recent tweet from the game’s official Twitter account.

New skins from the Naruto series are reportedly part of the partnership.

After much rumour around the cooperation, it was finally confirm. After a comic book featuring Naruto characters and the Fortnite logo was uncovere in Japan, leaks and rumours regarding Naruto returning to the game began to circulate.

The future collaboration is expect to introduce the characters Itachi, Hinata, Orochimaru, and Gaara. These skins will probably be offer as packages, with the option to purchase a single skin.

A well-known leaker named Shiina revealed on Twitter that Epic has started developing Kawaii2 challenges. The codename for Naruto challenges is Kawai. These are rumours, however they come from a source who disclosed information on the impending Battle Pass.

The rumour has gained some credence in light of recent events, and it is now more believable in light of Epic’s formal announcement. Although it’s assume that the skins will process in a similar manner to the earlier-released Naruto skins.

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It is not completely absurd to speculate that the skins could really be part of the bonus rewards for the Battle Pass as Epic is yet to unveil the remaining pages of the bonus rewards.

There haven’t been any updates regarding the collaboration since the announcement. Right now, everything is only a rumour, and the upcoming partnership may not even be what has been predict thus far. Players might remember that Fortnite held a challenge for the skins. The next edition could be anticipate to be the same.

As long as Epic doesn’t release any additional information, rumours will continue to spread and players will once again be unsure of what to believe.


With only a few days till the cooperation, it seems likely that Epic will tease something associated with it. It’s likely that prior releases of Naruto skins will reappear in the item shop as the release date approaches.


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