Path to Nowhere Event Suspect Pursuit Ninety-nine

Path to Nowhere Event Suspect Pursuit Ninety-nine: Every game, including Path to Nowhere, has a unique currency that helps players purchase stuff. In Path to Nowhere, Hypercube is one of the rarest currencies. The rare Hypercube can be harvested throughout the game in a variety of methods, but the further you advance in the game, the more difficult it is to gather them.

Our tutorial includes several methods for farming the uncommon money and instructions on how to use it best in order to assist users conquer the challenge of farming Hypercubes. So let’s get started straight away.

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Path to Nowhere Event Suspect Pursuit Ninety-nine
Path to Nowhere Event Suspect Pursuit Ninety-nine

What Are Hypercubes:

You need a special currency known as “Hypercube” to purchase in-game stuff. The Hypercubes are blue crystal cubes that are valuable in and of themselves. Think of Hypercubes as the “Orundum” currency from the tower defence game “Arknights,” which is comparable. Similar to Orundum, Hypercubes are used to buy in-game products like the “Sinners” characters.

Given that Sinners are the focus of the entire game and that the Hypercube currency aids in purchasing more of them, it is quite valuable and important. Path to Nowhere’s late-game farming for Hypercubes might be taxing, so we’ve listed several other methods.

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Ways To Collect Path to Nowhere Event Suspect Pursuit Ninety-nine:

Hypercubes can be gathered in a variety of methods despite being referred to be “rare currency” (most of which are free to collect and easily obtained). However, once the early-game period is through, cultivating Hypercubes gets challenging.

As we previously stated, there are several methods for farming Hypercubes, particularly in the early stages of the game. Follow the steps listed below to farm the premium currency to its utmost in both early-game and late-game situations:

Pre-Registration Event:

Each new player receives benefits from a perpetual Pre-Registration event. Each player is only permitted to claim the awards once. There are a total of x800 Hypercubes available among various rewards. Go to “Events” in the main menu’s middle left to claim these rewards. Go to “Pre-Registration Event” and select “Claim All” at this time.

All prizes for the pre-registration event are as follows:

  1. 100K Total Pre-Registrations: 30000 Mania Essence, 30000 DisCoins
  2. 250K Total Pre-Registrations: 3 Warrants, 120 Stamina
  3. 500K Total Pre-Registrations: 1 Crimebrand Pack B, 30000 Memory Fragment, 30000 DisCoins
  4. 1M Total Pre-Registrations: 5 Warrants, 200 Hypercubes
  5. 1.5M Total Pre-Registrations: 1 Crimebrand Pack A, 300 Hypercubes
  6. 2M Total Pre-Registrations: 1 Yesterday Revisits Hecate, 5 Warrants, 300 Hypercubes

Keep yourself updated with upcoming events in Path to Nowhere at Aisno Games.

7-Day Login Rewards:

You can complete the 7-Day Login challenge in the early game, with Hypercubes as a prize. Therefore, if you properly complete the 7-Day Login process, you get:

  • Day 1: x300 Hypercubes
  • Day 2: x10 Arrest Warrants
  • Days 3: Luvia Ray (A-Class Sinner)
  • Day 4: x50000 Mania Essence
  • Day 5: x500 Hypercubes
  • Day 6: X50000 DisCoins
  • Day 7: Backstreet Overlord-EMP (Skin)

By the end of the process, you will farm x800 Hypercubes. However, if you continue to check in for another 7 days straight, you get additional x1300 Hypercubes! 

Surveillance Missions:

Go to “Surveillance Order” from the main menu to access the game’s Daily and Weekly missions. There are all the missions that, when successfully completed, will release Hypercubes. Upon completing all of the provided Daily Missions, you receive x300 Hypercubes each day. This implies that 2100 Hypercubes in all will be produced by Daily Missions in a week.

While finishing the Daily Tasks, keep in mind the Weekly Missions. Weekly Missions fall under the “Weekly” category since they require more time to complete. If all assigned assignments are completed, you can farm x300 Hypercubes at the end of each week.

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