WOW Anniversary World Bosses

WOW Anniversary World Bosses: The Open-World RPG, World of Warcraft, is officially in its 18th year, and we are beyond thrilled the about Anniversary Event! It’s now time for this year’s yearly festival for World of Warcraft, which runs for 3 weeks around its anniversary. However, this year’s occasion coincides with Darkmoon Faire, so there will also be a significant XP and renown gain bump! Moreover, a Celebration bundle will be available! Learn everything we currently know regarding World of Warcraft’s 18th Anniversary Event by continuing to read!

WOW Anniversary World Bosses
WOW Anniversary World Bosses

WoW Anniversary 2022: New gear and vintage bosses

In the lengthy history of World of Warcraft, there have been numerous scandalous antiheroes and terrifying foes, but Winter storm has unlocked the vaults and allowed the all-important to unleash disaster. When you take on these ghosts of Azeroth’s past, you may also receive a random drop of a fresh set of armour and weapons.

Players who have reached level 30 will frequently desire to take on Master Kazzak, Azuregos, one of the four Winged Snakes of Bad Dream, and timetravel to face Doomwalker. While defeating Doomwalker will earn you Timewarped Identifications and the chance to obtain the Illidari Doomhawk ride and a Doomwalker reward stand, defeating the first three enemies will earn you some items and Timewarped Identifications.

18th Anniversary Gift Set for WoW:

If you log in to Shadowlands from November 6 and November 27, 2022, you’ll receive the accomplishment for the game’s 18th anniversary and a fantastic Anniversary Gift Bundle. The Gift Package contains the following goods:

  • 200 Badges from the a Different Time
  • Start the voyage “An Ideal Greeting,” which will lead you to Chromie in Sinkholes of Time, with “The Timewalkers’ Greeting.”
  • Festival light display
  • a Festival Bundle item that boosts your experience and reputation by 18%.

Two daily activities assigned by Historians Llore and Ju’pa will allow you to earn extra Timewarped Badges by slaying dated but recognisable creatures or by responding to trivia questions about World of Warcraft. You can also get some conventional treasure items by defeating them.

18th Anniversary of World of Warcraft Event:

Rewards for the World of Warcraft 18th Birthday Event participation:

>Every player who enters into to the accessible RPG World of Warcraft during the event would be given a Gift Pack that includes the following:

  • Timewarped Badges 200
  • a single celebration package
    • for the length of the event, increases skill and renown gains by 18%.
  • From the Timewalkers: Invitation
    • starts a new adventure that either leads to Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

During in the World of Warcraft 18th Anniversary Event, a time-walking vendor was present:

Historian Ma’di is the vendor at the Timewalking Anniversary Event this year. Items from prior Anniversary Events are being brought back by her, and they may all be bought with Timewarped Badges. The list consists of what will be offered:

  • Edwin Vancleef Costume Set, exquisite
    • Timewarped Badges 200
  • flipped-over Corgi glasses
    • Timewarped Badges 200
  • Bronze-colored eyewear
    • Timewarped Badges 200
  • Corgi Dog
    • Timewarped Badges 200
  • Costume for a calm mechanical yeti
    • 50 Timewarped Awards
  • Thunderfury inflatable, blessed sword of the windseeker
    • 50 Timewarped Awards
  • Wand of Celebration – Trig
    • Timewarped Badges 25
  • Quilboar Celebration Wand
    • Timewarped Badges 25
  • Murloc’s Celebration Wand
    • Timewarped Badges 25
  • Gnoll celebration wand
    • Timewarped Badges 25
  • War Cloak that was made
    • Timewarped Badges 200
  • mechanical dragonling, timelessly
    • Timewarped Badges 200

Battles, Uncommon Drops, Quests, and More:

Doomwalker, The Global Boss

Doomwalker may be found in Tenaris, close to the Cave systems of Time entrance. YOU can  kill every day of the anniversary event for gold and Timewarped Badges. He does, however, always drop an Illidary Doomhawk and a Doomwalker Trophy Stand. To get stuff from this boss, you should be at least the level 30, though.

Mount Illidary Doomhawk

You can earn the Illidary Doomhawk mount each week by finishing the Anniversary Events Weekly Side missions.

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