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Rocket League Free Painted Rewards: The end of Rocket League Season 8 is near. Rocket League’s eighth season includes a street vibe, and the Rocket Pass Honda Civic has underglow.

What more benefits can you anticipate from this fresh season? The new Rocket League Season 8 Rocket Pass products and benefits for 2022 will be discussed today.

On September 7, Rocket League Season 8: Hit the Streets will be made available. When Season 8 begins, choose Rocket Pass from the main menu. Get Rocket Pass and make purchases with your remaining RL credits. Open the Season 8 Rocket League Rocket Pass to gain access to its more than 70 tiers of special goodies. Check out the rewards for the RL Season 8 update now to find out if this will be the greatest Rocket League season yet.

We have a green Honda Civic that is similar to the standard model. Just the bottom retains its colour. The sticker looks great, but it’s probably just a Honda Civic sticker. And this season’s decals look fantastic. Then these wheels resemble screws in a way. The Honda Civic is a fantastic vehicle overall.

We can see a shoebox topper called a “Topper,” along with a crown bearing the Sovereign Cruise emblem and some kicks on top. These multi-colored wheels are truly unique. They’re going to create some really cool automotive designs, and they’re genuinely pretty cool. The Honda Civic looks sport a fantastic decal. That sticker is very amazing; who knows, it might be used everywhere.

Free Painted Rewards:

There is a new animated decal that will be used. It appears that the lines either remain stationary with a type of light dot running through them or that the lines either go up the automobile or sort of wiggle. So it appears that will be an animated decal. There is also a small fade there from the front. We have an antenna that looks like a stop sign and clearly states “can’t stop me.” That it is broken suits the idea. Sort of covered with spray paint.

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Rocket League Free Painted Rewards
Rocket League Free Painted Rewards

These wheels appear to be sovereign crew wheels, and if you look closely, you can see a crown in the centre of each one. Later on, there might be a special edition version of these. These will look even better if you get them painted because there will just be one solid colour. Then there is a trail that will have a really vibrant colour scheme.

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  • 0 points – “Jump-Starter” Player Title

  • 100 points – CutCorner Avatar Border

  • 200 points – Sweat Vet Decal

  • 300 points – Pointed Posts Wheels

  • 400 points – Manganese Boost


Manganese Boost Painted Colors

  • 450 points – Burnt Sienna

  • 500 points – Gray

  • 550 points – Lime

  • 600 points – Saffron

  • 650 points – Pink

  • 700 points – Orange

  • 750 points – Cobalt

  • 800 points – Purple

  • 850 points – Forest Green

  • 900 points – Sky Blue

  • 950 points – Crimson

  • 1000 points – Black

  • 1050 points – Titanium White

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