New World Genesis Location Guide

New World Genesis Location: The company’s entry into the MMORPG market came last year with the debut of Amazon’s New World. Despite a few hiccups, New World launched with enough popularity and still has a sizable player base. In terms of combat, grinding, and crafting, New World borrows heavily from traditional MMOs, but it also adds a lot in terms of gameplay and growth.

Additionally, New World features a vast gear system. All gear has a gear score instead of a level wall dividing it. Reaching the maximum gear score in New World, which is 600, requires a lot of effort (but 625 on the public test server). In subsequent upgrades, Umbral Shards, a new component of New World, will be directly tied to enhancing player equipment and elevating it above the level maximum. Players will discover how to acquire and employ Umbral Shards in New World in this guide.

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New World Genesis Location
New World Genesis Location

What Are Umbral Shards?

Umbral Shards are a brand-new in-game resource that gamers will need as they advance in the game to increase their gear scores. A minimum score of 590 and a maximum score of 625 are required for Umbral Shards to improve gear. They also enable players to advance from 600 to 625 in terms of proficiency in a particular gear slot. The player’s skill with that particular gear slot is also permanently increased by upgrading a piece of equipment.

It’s important for players to recognise that upgrading equipment using Umbral Shards won’t make it legendary or give it a special perk. The scaling of an item can only be increased to 625 power level by upgrading it.

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How To Use Umbral Shards:

The player needs an upgradeable piece of equipment before they may use an Umbral Shard. The expertise in that gear slot must likewise be at least 590, and this piece of equipment must have a score of 590 or higher. If these two conditions are satisfied, all that is left to do is to have the precise number of Umbral Shards required to upgrade the gear piece to the necessary score.

Depending on the difference in scores, a piece of gear can be upgraded with a different number of Umbral Shards.

How To Obtain Umbral Shards:

There are currently three ways for players to obtain Umbral Shards in New World: completing Mutated Expeditions, Crafting High-level gear, and Gypsum Casts.

Update 1.3 introduces Mutated Expeditions. These older expeditions, which are better completed with a guild. Have been changed with more difficult modifiers and offer bigger rewards. Players who have attained level 60 and have topped out their gear scores are eligible for these new versions of earlier content.

To access the Mutated versions of Expeditions, players must finish all of the earlier iterations. The complexity of these Expeditions must be understood by players before they attempt them. If they lack the necessary level and a thorough knowledge of builds and roles. Additionally, players need to have sturdy structures and weapons like the hatchet or musket.

A player’s skill in that particular gear slot will also increase to 600. If they are successful in making a piece of gear with a score of 600. From that point on, a player will receive a certain number of Umbral Shards as a reward. Based on the level of the gear they make when it is that level or greater. The graph below shows the distribution of Umbral Shards that were received.

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