Harvestella Rare Fish Location – Complete Details

Harvestella Rare Fish: Harvestella heavily emphasizes fishing, although catching one from each, particularly the rare species, is far from simple. Here’s how to finish that quest and capture every one of Harvestella’s challenging rare fish.

Nine unusual fish can be caught in total in Harvestella. Fortunately, they do provide you with a few questions to aid in your journey once you agree to take on Sahagin’s quest to capture every uncommon fish. However, those could be a little difficult to solve, especially if you’re having trouble locating the ideal moment or location for these tricky little critters.

Because of this, we’ve put together instructions on how to start fishing as well as how to catch the nine rare fish. How to capture every unusual fish in Harvestella is provided here.

Harvestella Rare Fish Location
Harvestella Rare Fish Location

In Harvestella, how do you fish?

You must first acquire some fishing knowledge in order to fish in Harvestella. Fortunately, you may purchase this instrument for just 800 Grilla, which you can acquire by selling some gathered crops.

Simply take 800 Grilla to Lethe’s general store and buy the Fishing Knowledge there. Once you’ve completed that, the locations marked with the trout icon will be accessible, and you can then begin fishing.

To cast your net into the water, press the appropriate button. Then, they wait for the fish to fully begin to pull on the line. Once you press the very same button again, the fish will be in your possession.

How to Get Every Uncommon Fish in Harvestella:

In this relaxing game, there are nine distinct unusual fish to find. While we haven’t yet located them all, as soon as we do, we’ll update this article. Just be sure to return soon. Here are the locations and times where you can capture every bait animal in Harvestella in the interim:

Aurelian Lethe / Jade Forest Any (Rain)
Cardinal Goldfish Yet to discover Yet to discover
Giant Salamander Lethe Fall
Ice Faerie Argene (Snow Hut Square) Winter
Jejune Trout Higan Canyon (On the arch near the FEAR monsters) 1 day after it rains
Monotaimen Bird’s Eye Brae Fall and Summer
Rainbow Harp Yet to discover Yet to discover
Siren’s Servant Shatolla Rain
Twilight Cherry Salmon Nemea Town Fall (Night)

How to catch every uncommon fish in Harvestella is as follows. Check out at some of the other helpful Harvestella guides while you wait for Fall, which appears to be the best time for capturing rare fish:

Locations and descriptions of rare fish:


Rarely is this exceptionally rare fish caught. Originally, its color would only change during the spawning season, but still, it evolved to continue emitting this hue.

Simply by trying your hand at fishing, you can catch it in the first town. It’s possible that the majority of fish could be caught anywhere, with a few being restricted to particular locations, as another person caught it at the farm.

Siren’s Servant

According to legend, these fish exist only to serve her sirens. They only show up when it’s raining. Could this fish be sobbing for its missing owner amid the rain?

One can catch this on a rainy night as well as from the town to the south, as the description says.

Aurelian Fish

a magnificent golden-hued fish. According to rumors, this fish emerges when it is grieving for captured friends, but only the fish itself is aware of the truth.

Located at Lethe Village; caught when fishing in the rain, close to the Smithy.

Ice Faerie

a creature with the capacity to traverse ice. You may rationally argue that the water simply froze, despite the fact that it is said to have the power to convert any nearby water into ice.

When it snows, you can catch it in Arsene at the Snow Hut Plaza location

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