Harvestella Bomb Lvl 2 – How to Unlock Bombs

Harvestella Bomb Lvl 2: Crafting, farming, exploring dungeons, and many other activities can be found in Harvestella. You’ll frequently encounter obstacles and other barriers that will stop your advancements. One of these obstacles first appears in the shape of destructible walls. You most likely lack the necessary thing to eliminate them, though. Where can I buy bombs in Harvestella?

Where to Get Bombs in Harvestella:

Bombs won’t be available to you in Harvestella for a while. You must finish the game’s first big dungeon and advance the plot sufficiently. Once you’ve done that, carry on telling the tale until Aria joins your group. Try interacting with a wall that requires a bomb to destroy once you have Aria.

Aria will show you how to make bombs the next day. Bombs can be made on your home’s workbench after you obtain the formula for them.

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 Harvestella Bomb Lvl 2
Harvestella Bomb Lvl 2

These are level one explosives. Higher tier bombs are needed for some of the walls you may come across, but you won’t receive those until much later. For the time being, return to any of the destructible walls you have previously encountered and gather the goodies stashed there.

Walls that are bomb-destructible will have a bright indicator on the ground in front of them, drawing your attention to them. If you have explosives in your inventory, you can use them to destroy the wall in front of you once you approach the glowing object and interact with it.

That is all there is to know about how to obtain explosives in Harvestella. Check out Prima Games for more advice, cheats, and guides. We have a tonne of useful instructions for the game, such as one that explains how to save, which is trickier than you may expect.

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How to Break the Large Rocks in Harvestella:

Harvestella really makes you use every square inch of the area on your farm to plant and care for your crops, especially with the enormous, inconvenient boulders that are periodically placed throughout. The Hammer, a tool for smashing smaller rocks, workstations, and undesired crops throughout your farm, will be available to you early on.

The larger boulders, however, are an eyesore that occupies four priceless tiles of soil, and no matter how hard you smack them, the Hammer won’t even make a crack in them, leaving you with no choice but to deal with them later. Want to learn how to permanently get rid of them? To find out how to split the big rocks in Harvestella, keep reading.

The four elemental Great Faeries—Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth—will visit you once you finish each branch of Chapter 3 main storyline. For your farming needs, each Faerie offers a set of Faerie Orders that can be performed to reveal new recipes and skills.

You’re seeking for the Great Earth Faerie, Shirii by default, to teach you how to split big boulders. Specifically, the Destroy Skill: Charge Lv 2 award you receive for successfully completing all six of Shirii’s Faerie Orders.

Fortunately, if you’ve been making things and getting to know the Harvestella characters. You should have no trouble finishing the first three Orders from Shirii. You will probably achieve the six required to master the Hammer skill after creating the Spice Maker. Mayonnaise Maker workstations, both of which happen to be requests from Shirii.


Once you have mastered the technique, all you need to do is equip the Hammer, charge it up by holding it above your head, and then smash those annoying rocks away from your farm for good. There’s nothing quite like maintaining cleanliness by using force, huh?

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