God of War Ragnarok Alfheim Legendary Chest

God of War Ragnarok Alfheim Chest: During God of War Ragnarok, legendary chests are highly sought-after commodities since they contain resources as well as items such as runic assaults, weapon attachments, and amulet enchantments. The locations of each Legendary Chest Even the third world you can explore, are listed on this page of IGN’s Ragnarok website.

On this page, the parts are listed in order of when you can access them early in the game. The Canyons don’t have any legendary chests either.

God of War Ragnarok Alfheim Legendary Chest

  • ->The Strond
  • ->Temple of Light
  • ->The Below
  • ->The Barrens
  • ->The Canyons

The Strond

The Strond, which will lead you to a Temple of Light, is Alfheim’s entryway. It reveals that Alfheim is no longer the bright, aquatic, and lovely realm shown in God of War, but rather is now more of an arid tone (2018).

Nornir Chest

After slipping through the aforementioned rock crevice, quickly crouch down to your left.

When you land, the Nornir Chest will be immediately in front of you. If you want the gold inside this brazier chest, you must locate the three nearby matching Braziers.

God of War Ragnarok Alfheim Chest
God of War Ragnarok Alfheim Chest

Broken History

Step forward as soon as you pass through the Mystic Gateway.

You’ll notice some runic inscriptions on the wall on the statues in front of you before ascending the left path towards to the Temple of Light. Look through it to find the entry for “Broken History.”

The Living Desert

From the Mystical Gateway, proceed up the left route until you find a narrow opening in the wall. Stop.

Drop down the left side of the stone you’re on rather than through the wall. A lore marker will be seen immediately ahead of you. To acquire the “Living Desert” entry, read it.

Brazier 1

If you’re facing the Nornir Chest, the first buckler is straight behind you. It is concealed by a few boulders over a ledge. Turn around and start the fire.

Brazier 2

Once you reach the wall, continue moving forward beyond the Nornir Chest. To locate the second brazier, look over the cliff’s left side. Fire it.

Brazier 3

It takes a little while to go to the third brazier.
Return to your previous position before descending again for Nornir Chest by climbing up. Advance while scaling the wall and afterward fisticuffs. Turn left and jump off the ledge as soon as you get to the platform with the ring on the ground. You can now reach the brazier in your new position if you look up.

Go get the Nornir Chest once all three braziers are lit.

Odin’s Raven

Return to the route and continue on after the Nornir Chest. From the higher place where the earth has a circle, descend and move forward very slowly.

An Odin’s Ravens is perched on a tree stump behind such a pillar as soon as you round the corner. To cut down the tree, move tiny bit closer to it.

Artifact Kvasir’s Poem

In order to find the closed room containing the purple gems, keep moving forward. Utilize your Leviathan Sword to open the door after following the instructions.

Walk forward and step off the edge ahead of you after finishing the puzzle. As soon as you touch down, turn left and smash the pots obstructing the tiny cave. Enter the cave and take a poem written by Kvasir.

The Temple of Light

One of the most significant God of War places to return to is the Temple of Light (2018). Together with Thor, Atreus, and Mimir, you’ll explore this sacred space in an effort to uncover the significance of an ancient Jötnar temple.

Lore The Bifrost Bridge

Until you reach the enormous pillar of light protruding from the ocean, continue along the walkway through the Temple of Light. You’ll see a huge spiral staircase off to your right. Climb it while remaining to the left.

As soon as you come to a stairway edge where you can jump off, do so. This will take you inside the temple to a lower level. Kill the adversaries and then make a rapid turn to your left, down a hallway.

Assert Light Runic with Hades Retribution from Legendary Chest

Reach the History scroll by taking the route we mentioned earlier. To access a lower standard of the Temple, proceed down the left corridor with the scroll and drop off the edge once more.

When you land, turn left once more and advance. Here, you’ll discover a Legendary Chest. Open it to receive the runic light strike known as Hades Retribution.


The route we outlined for the history scroll above should follow. You should proceed past the hallway with a history scroll once you get to the lower region (not the bottom area with the chest) until you get to a gate.

The Odin’s Raven you seek is behind this gate. To obtain it, you must utilize a purple crystal. You cannot, however, destroy the purple crystal that is concealed behind the raven.

Look to your left for a column covered in some purple crystal muck. Aim for the bottom left corner while positioning Kratos as seen in the image below (with the gem on your left and just a few feet distant). The purple line ought to turn blue. If it occurs,

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