New World Beginner Guide 2022

New World Beginner Guide 2022: A user-friendly guide for New World’s essential fundamental mechanics. includes DOs and DONTs as well as some fantastic advice for beginner players.

The focus of this beginner’s tutorial is on a range of practical advice for anything from crafting to fighting. Even if you are an experienced gamer, you might not have known about this advice, and it may still be useful to you. There are no plot-related spoilers in this guide. The images below are mostly from low-level content and have little to do with the game’s primary plot.

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New World Beginner Guide 2022
New World Beginner Guide 2022

Should you party up or play solo:

While partying has a few minor drawbacks, such as the constant splitting of Weapon XP (within 150 meters), it also provides a lot of benefits. These benefits, which include the ability to take on more difficult or numerous foes, might rapidly outweigh this early disadvantage.

The amount of players nearby also affects how quickly opponents and resources spawn, with huge groups significantly speeding up the process. Gathering Parties aren’t likely to be used frequently for activities other than logging or fishing, but they can be a good alternative if a group works along well or if it’s just a guild.

Due to the aforementioned factor, places like the Wolf Dens, where you are frequently sent, also frequently spawn new players. If you have the patience, you can easily accumulate a tonne of rawhide and meat since the majority of people won’t pause to skin their animals and will simply complete the quest. Your talents in tanning, cooking and skinning will all benefit from this. I did this one night during beta with a friend, and we amassed a good number of hides and levels in both leatherworking and spinning. To obtain that many, we had to make a few trips back and forth, but it was time well spent for us.

It’s best to never engage in PvP alone if you intend to do so. Even if you just bring one companion, the likelihood that you will lose a 2v1 battle is low, which can shield you from several assaults. Larger PvP groups may be present, but they are less prevalent in lower-level locations and more frequently appear when factions and Companies begin to gain control.

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Should you try Every Weapon:

It’s nice to have a main or favored weapon, but it limits your options. Weapons with mobility abilities, such as the Great Axe, Hatchet, and Fire Staff. Can make excellent secondaries even if you don’t intend to use them for damage.

If you do have a favored or more powerful weapon. You can use it to level a less powerful weapon a little bit quicker. To accomplish this, tag an enemy with the weapon you wish to level. Then switch to your primary weapon. It will be simpler to level because the XP will be distributed among the weapons.

Focusing on both a melee weapon. A ranged weapon of your choice is strongly advised if PvP is your main goal. A few combinations, such as the Rapier and Ice Gauntlet. Also quite effective because the Rapier gains from both Intelligence and Dexterity. Additionally, the Ice Gauntlet’s ability to inflict Slow and Freeze conditions will favor the Rapier, providing greater opportunities for burst damage.

In the New World, we offer a fantastic Beginners Guide to all Weapons and Abilities. Check out the specific Weapons Guides and Best Builds for each one if you want to dig deeper.

Why you must Collect Resources as you explore:

It’s a good idea to store materials for gathering in general and for logging and skinning in particular. They can be used to craft, but more importantly. They can be utilized to finish several Side Quests as well as Town Job Board Quests. Being ready for any of the Gathering Skills or Crafting Skills on the Job. Board will enable you to advance a little more quickly.

Even a large quantity of green or flint wood plucked from bushes will provide you. Access to fishing bait as a bonus resource. Bait is a typical Job Board Quest in addition to being used for fishing. Which helps obtain resources for many other Trade Skills.

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