Destiny 2 Telesto Event, Bug History and More

Destiny 2 Telesto Event: As the community has already witnessed several problems and exploits with this Exotic Fusion Rifle, the narrative of Telesto in Destiny 2 is not to be taken lightly. The weapon in Banshee’s hand, the emote, the Festival mask, and an ornament set are just a few of the in-game visual features Bungie created as a joke due to some instances being so extreme.

But the most recent weekly reset modified the weapon, unlike before. The default firing style in Telesto fires seven floating bolts, although players can change this setting. Unconfirmed community incident has been the subject of numerous speculations, but no direct connections have been made.

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Destiny 2 Telesto Event
Destiny 2 Telesto Event

Indicating that Telesto is “broken,” players will also see a mixture of black smoke and spark emerging from the pistol. The community is optimistic that the modified version of Telesto will result in something because these features were all added and because the Exotic Fusion Rifle had no intention of introducing them.

In Destiny 2, Telesto Is Firing Constellations, but No One Knows What It Signifies:

Because Telesto has ruined the game in some form every season, it is undoubtedly one of the most notorious names in Destiny 2. The Exotic Fusion Rifle recently underwent a number of “features” that are thought to be a Bungie developer’s worst nightmare.

The new features of the weapon are as follows:

  • The weapon now has two firing modes.
  • If you shoot in the default mode, the weapon will fire seven bolts into the air forming a Constellation-like pattern.
  • Each time the patterns are different.
  • You can hold your reload button to switch back to the normal mode.
  • After switching to normal mode, you can’t switch back to Constellation mode.

Since the Constellation mode is primarily intended to create patterns, the damage is not increased in either PvE or PvP. Nobody in the community appears to have worked out what Bungie intends by this, though, so far. The only conceivable explanation is that it might be related to a forthcoming neighbourhood event.

Players of Destiny 2 are accustom to creating theories and, occasionally, proving them to be accurate. While stranger puzzles have existed in the past, they typically have an endgame that includes a secret mission, an emblem, or even loot.

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One can infer that there is nothing that the update can instantly direct players to given that it has been almost 15 hours since the modification.

There is only one last issue: How will this affect the planned neighbourhood gathering? The solution is not evident. However, with less than a month left in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder, one can only presume that Bungie is already beginning to drop indications that may point to the event. Since Bungie said that they would change 27 Exotics in Season 19, many people also assumed that Telesto would get a major overhaul in the next season.

What is the upcoming community event in Destiny 2 Season 18?

The Eliksni Quarters will be showcase at the neighbourhood celebration, which also serves as an epilogue. Players will need to amass extraordinary currency across a variety of game modes to assist Spider in enhancing both his new residence and nearby structures.

Since Bungie hasn’t released any official announcements. All of the information on the community event is based on data mining and leaks.

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