Tower of Fantasy Upcoming Global Banner Schedule

Tower of Fantasy Upcoming Global Banner Schedule: The next Tower of Fantasy banners on the calendar provides information about which characters will be making their gacha system debuts. And which fan favourites will be making a welcome comeback? We already know some of the characters and how frequently they will change in Hotta Studio’s anime game. Because it has been available in China for a while.

Tower of Fantasy Upcoming Global Banner Schedule

Red nuclei, which are far more scarce than the other other nucleus currencies. Are needed for the greatest forthcoming Tower of Fantasy banners. Although these opportunities are scarce. You can acquire them in it by finishing Tower of Fantasy Claire’s Dream Machine tasks. Or through brief events like the Tower of Dream Aida Cafe. The ‘HOT’ shop is the best place to go if you’re looking to get red nuclei. Prepare to save up 1,500 Shadow Crystal for a 10 of Special Ordering because a single Red Core costs 150 Dark Crystals.

Upcoming Global Banner for Tower of Fantasy – Information:

The rumour is that Lin will be the next Towers of Fantasy banner. However, some have suggested that it might really be Saki Fuwa. It’s likely to run from November 9 to November 30 after the Ruby banner.

Coming Banners for Tower of Fantasy:

All the upcoming figures appearing in the Tower of Fantasy banners are listed below:

  • Lin banner
  • Saki Fuwa banner
  • Lyra banner
  • Tian Lang banner
  • Annabella banner

Additional simulacra, such Baiyuekui and Marc, are featured in a number of collaborative events inside the Chinese version of Tower of Fantasy. Hotta Studio has now stated that “copyright restrictions” make it unlikely that we’ll see collaboration pastiche in the global edition, so we haven’t put its banner in the table above.

Upcoming Limited-Time Banners:

Banner for Saki Fuwa Limited

Tower of Fantasy Upcoming Global Banner Schedule

Banner Start November 10, 2022
Banner End December 01, 2022
Featured Weapons  Ryusen Toshin

Banners for Recent Tower of Fantasy Events:

Ruby depicte in the present Tower of Fantasy events banner. Which also includes banners for her Desert Sun weapon and Dreamwalker matrices. The time frame for it is October 20 until November 10, 2022.

The probability odds for both Ruby events banners are the same as those for the regular Choice Weapon and Choice Matrix multiplication banner. The additional restriction is that there is a 50% chance that any SSR weapons or matrices you get from the relevant limited banners will be Ruby.

Typical Tower of Fantasy Banners:

The Choices Weapons & Choices Matrices banners are the typical Tower of Fantasy banners. The default pool for choosing Tower of Fantasy guns and replicas call Choice Weapons.

Restricted Tower of Fantasy replicas will soon transition from special banners to the regular banner pool, as we know from the RPG game’s Chinese translation. This saves you from being required to wait on banners to come back if the luck wasn’t on your side the first time, but it also means that they will no longer have the 50/50 chance that comes with limited event banners.

Using either the gold nuclei cache or even the black nuclei cache, you can make a wish on the Choices Weapons banner, however the likelihood of finding anything worthwhile varies greatly. While both black and gold nuclei may found just on Tower of Fantasy maps. Black nucleus are far more plentiful, and you’ll find using black nuclei to produce a full 10 Special Order is much simpler than using gold nuclei.

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