Tower of Fantasy Saki Fuwa Release Date, Details And More

Tower of Fantasy Saki Fuwa Release Date: The simulacrum launch date for worldwide audiences in the anime game for the character Saki Fuwa from the Tower of Fantasy is now confirmed by Hotta Studio.

Saki is one of the top fighters in Mirroria, the hub of the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 upgrade, and is a master with a shadow sword and the ability to easily remove debuffs. The sword-wielding character will be available to players as part of a future Tower of Fantasy banner.

The Saki Fuwa release date of November 10 is confirmed via a tweet from the game’s creator Hotta Studio. This confirms rumours that the character will show up before Lin from Tower of Fantasy did. A colorful trailer that features the quick-slashing swordsmith in action is released along with the news. Captain of the Mirroria Security Special Forces Saki Fuwa rushes into battle while whirling dual blades around herself. She has only recently arrived internationally, but the Chinese release gives us a decent indication of how she operates.

Tower of Fantasy Saki Fuwa Release Date
Tower of Fantasy Saki Fuwa Release Date

The Ice Shell ability on Saki Fuwa’s Ryusen Toshin causes fully charged weapons to temporarily freeze the victim and leave them frostbitten afterward. This results in plenty of frost damage being dealt by Saki Fuwa’s talents. You can increase the damage you deal to the target by choosing to break the ice shell. Additionally, Saki Fuwa’s shadow sword passive will follow her around, and it can surge to inflict a tonne of frost damage around your current target. It can also trigger Phantasia when it lands, slowing down foes in the vicinity. Phantasia can also be activated by “perfect avoiding” an attack just before it comes in.

Combo Damage:

She may sprint at a target to unleash powerful combo damage thanks to her discharge, which allows her to cleanse herself of all debuffs. Saki Fuwa also has two abilities that are specific to her two fighting styles. She may build up to taunt nearby enemies and absorb incoming damage when she’s utilising Fortitude Resonance. She then releases the damage in a frigid blast and heals herself. Instead, she can dash a short distance in the Surging Heart style, immobilising enemies as she goes and causing significant delayed damage.

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The Tower of Fantasy version variations. According to the open-world game’s developer Hotta Studio. Mean that the Chinese and international releases will be “the same yet different.” Additionally, future Tower of Fantasy character events like the well-liked Aida Cafe event are promised. Check out our Tower of Fantasy password list to keep track of all the electronic lock codes and our Tower of Fantasy tier list for the trendiest characters right now.

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