Path to Nowhere Cinnabar Character Review – Complete Details

Path to Nowhere Cinnabar Character: Path to Nowhere, a free-to-play real-time strategy RPG with tower defense, has now revealed that it has attracted more than 500,000 pre-registrations!

Additionally, the game has lately teased and released artwork for a number of new characters, with Cinnabar, your head of security, being the most recent. However, don’t be seduced by her allure because, like every other sinner, she is extremely dangerous and wanted for a number of crimes.

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Path to Nowhere Cinnabar Character
Path to Nowhere Cinnabar Character

Path to Nowhere New Character – Cinnabar:

Introducing Cinnabar, the newest member of your squadron! Cinnabar, a member of Sinner MBCC-S-299, also known as the Endura Tendency, was detained for the negligence of duty even though she had been specifically ordered to intervene in an armed gang fight that resulted in a number of casualties among civilians. Can you really have your head of security be someone like this?”

Path to Nowhere Worldview:

In Path to Nowhere, a mysterious mutation known as Mania that warps people’s brains and bodies and eventually transforms them into terrifying monsters is wreaking havoc on the earth. As the head of the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control (MBCC), it is your responsibility to lead humanity’s counterattack against those who have contracted the mania and find a way to end it once and for all by commanding a group of Sinners—those who have been mutated by the mania and gain incredible power from it, but who are also all extremely dangerous criminals.

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Path to Nowhere Gameplay:

Real-time tower defense game Path to Nowhere features several sinful characters of various classes. Put units down according to their abilities and tactics on how to best destroy your opponents by using their potent ultimate powers. Which fill up throughout combat. Path to Nowhere should be a breeze for you to get used to if you’ve played. Arknights or other tower defense games.

The game also has a comprehensive RPG upgrade system that you may use to give your sinners new. Strong talents and powerful abilities. You can also question and converse with each prisoner one-on-one to discover. More about their pasts while also attempting to turn them away from this path of blood.

Path to Nowhere Pre-Registration Campaign:

The game has now surpassed 500,000 Pre-registrations, as was previously reported. To help you out on the game’s launch, all players will also get a B-Class Crimebrand Gift Pack. 30,000 Discoins, and 30,000 Memory Fragments as a prize!
To receive a limited-edition outfit for free. Pre-register right away on the App Store and Play Store to help the game reach 2,000,000 pre-registrations!

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