Nikke Power Guide – Increase Your Squad Power to Progress Story

Nikke Power Guide – How to Increase Your Squad Power to Progress the Story: You can gather waifus in Nikke, which can have various shapes, sizes, rarities, skills, and weaponry. Pulling the suggested characters at the beginning may not always be essential, but it aids with advancement.

The gacha mechanism in the game depends on dupes to make your character stand out. 11 dupes are needed for an SSR unit to reach her stat maximum. At 4%, SSR rates are slightly higher than the industry standard. Gacha games often offer a 0.5% to 2% rate.

You may lose accuracy and possibly sustain damage if you fire outside the range of your weapon. You must bring forces with the appropriate weapons to match the enemy’s range in the majority of tasks. For each stage, you’ll need a fresh set of weapons. In other words, you will require at least one of each kind.

Nikke Power Guide - how to increase your squad power to progress story
Nikke Power Guide – How To Increase Your Squad Power to Progress Story

One of the most crucial elements for game progression and building your own team is burst type. In battle, as you kill enemies, the burst meter will build up, allowing you to utilize your character’s burst talent when it is full. There are three different burst kinds that each character can have: Burst I, Burst II, and Burst III.

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All 3 Types on Your Team in Order to Progress Through Each Phase:

To move through each step, your team must include representatives of all three groups. You cannot proceed to phase two if you don’t use the Burst I skill in the first phase. You will enter the final burst stage after the third phase when you must employ any skill to maintain your burst metre full. If not, it will reset, in which case you must construct it once more.

Characters from Burst I, II, and III are mostly support/healers, whereas those from Burst III are predominantly DPS types. Some burst abilities have lengthy cooldowns, which are typically 20 to 40 seconds. Lower cooldowns for Burst I and II units are generally preferred so that you can frequently reach final burst mode.

Ideally, You Want a Team that Consists Of:

  • 1x Burst I, 1x Burst II, 3x Burst III (high damage, some support/heal)
  • 2x Burst I, 1x Burst II, 2x Burst III (balanced team)
  • 3x Burst I, 1x Burst II, 1x Burst III (super defensive)

Up to five units may be present on your team when in battle formation. Knowing how the AI chooses talents is crucial because you will be using auto battle the majority of the time. Any character with a 40-second cooldown on a burst skill should be used in the first slot. The AI will always use the skill of the character in the first slot, which is the reason. The AI will use other character skills if characters with burst skills that have a 20-second cooldown are not placed in the first slot.

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Limit Breaking and Leveling – In order to level your character, you’ll need credits (gold), combat data sets that you can obtain from playing various modes, and core dust. Actually, the amount of core dust you can receive each day soft-gates you. There are things in the store that you may purchase to expedite this.

Every character reaches level 80 before needing a limit break to raise the level cap. Limit breaking necessitates a character dupe. The limit will increase by 40 for each duplicate. SSR is limited to 160 whereas SR is limited to 200 (3 limit breaks) (2 limit breaks). You can always go back and reset a character’s level, so don’t worry about leveling the “wrong” characters.

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