New World Walkthrough of Medea Quest – Complete Now

New World Walkthrough of Medea Quest: On November 10, downtime for the Brimstone Sands Release of New World will start at 3 AM Pacific Time (10 AM UTC) for all zones. 4 hours of outage are anticipated. A new zone, expedition, starting experience, weapon, seasonal event, and battle mechanic are revealed. For a complete summary of the release notes, see our article about Brimstone Sands. Here is a quick summary of some of the most important additions for you to learn more about.


Aeternum’s newest zone, Brimstone Sands, is unique in every way. It is around the size of 2.5 Everfalls and has new adversaries to face up against, new terrain to conquer, and new tales to learn.

Despite millennia of conflict and war, death looms over the scorched wastes of Brimstone Sands, its appetite unquenched. Here is where the godlike Ancients were first encountered by the ancient Egyptians, who then constructed monuments and massive cities that were a part of a thriving society that had existed thousands of years earlier. With the exception of the enigmatic sorcerer Imhotep, who players must cooperate with to unravel the mysteries of the desert, their civilisation has long since fallen into ruin.

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New World Walkthrough of Medea Quest
New World Walkthrough of Medea Quest

The crazed remnants of the Roman Empire’s 19th Legion constitute the biggest menace in Brimstone Sands right now. It is still unclear what what happened to the Romans, but they have succumbed to corruption and are currently occupying the mysterious Akhet Pyramid’s old remains. They are sure to discover the key to their redemption and the long-awaited revival of the Roman Empire within.


We’ve completely redesigned the early levels of New World, so players who start the game or roll a new character will experience brand new stories and quests. We listened to player feedback about the starting experience in New World, and made the following changes:

  • Quest flow through zones has been optimized, with NPCs who move around with a story that takes players through each region of the game, unlocking side content to pace out the experience.

  • We’ve added a variety of new quest dynamics, from wave events to tracking and traversal challenges, puzzles in the ruins, unique interactions with the world, and dynamic events players will encounter.

  • We’ve revised onboarding to stay focused on the central storyline, introducing the legacy of King Arthur in Monarch’s Bluffs and a curse and famine from the sorceress Medea in Windsward. Players will still converge on the Hermit Yonas to start on the path to becoming Soulwardens, but the Yonas quests have all been consolidated in Everfall. The Hermit himself is now more mobile, while the story and quest flow vastly improved.

  • We’ve also added a lot more character to the zones and settlements in Monarch’s Bluffs and Everfall, with new enemies, new major locations, and new challenges in the quests and open world.

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Forms in the fog! Shouts in the dark! Aeternum is being overrun by the demon Baalphazu, Marquis of Terror, and his army of ghastly Pumpkinites. In exchange for your assistance, Salvatore the Mad will give you a cornucopia of one-time-only Nightveil Hallow gifts. From the time Brimstone Sands debuts until November first, this event will take place. For the questline to begin, characters must be level 35 or higher.

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