Battlefield 4 vs 2042 – Direct Comparison

Battlefield 4 vs 2042: There is no need for an introduction explaining how Field of battle 2042’s fans are dissatisfied with the team’s content, multiplayer, and feature additions. What was supposed to serve as the cornerstone for all future Battlefield games is now causing DICE and EA problems. Despite the game’s flaws, fans have repeatedly pointed out areas where the earlier entries in the series excelled.

Battlefield 4 vs 2042
Battlefield 4 vs 2042

Players were sold a dream whenever the trailer for Battlefield 2042 was published. Most of those hopes have not come true five months later. The serious bug problem in the game has kept the programmers busy. This has caused the promised content to delay, which has angered supporters.

There have been times when more people have played older releases than the most recent, such as Battlefield V. Another area wherein Battlefield 2042 falls short of a much older game has now been brought up by a fan.

Less gameplay-altering catastrophes occur in Battlefield 2042 than in Battlefield 4:

The time between Battlefield 4 and DICE’s most recent offering is about eight years. In between, there were numerous technological advancements. Today’s gaming market and its goods differ significantly from those of 2013.

Battlefield 4 vs 2042
Battlefield 4 vs 2042

According to Reddit user u/Toxicity-F3, Battlefield 4 has more gameplay-altering catastrophes. The game’s failures include the following:

  • Rainstorms/Hurricanes
  • Urban flooding
  • Sandstorms
  • Bushfires (the Caspian border has spots where you can light fires that spread)
  • Ignitable oil spills
  • Blizzards
  • Landslides

In contrast, the most recent Battlefield video game contains the following flaws:

  • Tornadoes
  • Sandstorms
  • Rainstorms/”Hurricanes”

Out of the four, hurricanes and dust storms were a consistent feature of every Battlefield game since Battlefield 4, when they first appeared.

Battlefield 2042 Now Has Fewer Players Than Battlefield 4:

Battlefield 4 had much more players on March 17 than Battlefield 2042, according to Steam player statistics from Nine years after its release, Battlefield 4 saw a 24-hour high of 3,309 gamers. Only 3,184 people downloaded Battlefield 2042, which only launched in November.

I wrote an article last week that examined the player statistics up to that time and the Battlefield 2042 problems. The debut plague by a number of problems, most notably numerous faults and bugs, which help pave the way for 2042’s demise. And the difference has been narrowing for a while. But Battlefield 2042 has now descended to a new low. Less people are playing the most recent Battlefield game from EA than the three prior main games in the series.

Battlefield 2042’s 24-hour peak player count reaches a new low:

The decline of Battlefield 2042 has been quick. It lost over half of its player base in the first two weeks. Players decreased from 105,397 to 57,186. Holiday sales were insufficient to preserve it. By Christmas, 50% of those gamers who were still active had left the game.

Battlefield 4 vs 2042
Battlefield 4 vs 2042

While the rate of its slide slowed in the new decade, some unfavorable truths became apparent. Battlefield 2042 outperforms its predecessors in addition to failing to “live up to expectations,” as EA phrased it.

The player base of 2042 had already fallen lower than that of Battle Royale by January. But the gaming community shocks when Battlefield 1 eclipsed it a few weeks ago. It was astounding, even though it was obvious after those horrible first two weeks.

The decrease, however, continued. Over 10,000 Steam users abandoned Battlefield 2042 between January and March. Last week, the title that originally inspired it took its place. Compared to Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1, and Battlefield V, Battlefield 2042 currently has fewer players.

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