Path to Nowhere Voiceover Survey – Complete Details

Path to Nowhere Survey: Rerolling becomes a critical choice for meta-heavy players in Path To Nowhere due to the large variety of sinners available. In our Path To Nowhere Reroll Guide, we will go through everything in great detail.

Let’s start by determining the fundamentals of rerolling and how you could be able to do it several times. If you’ve already decided that you want to reroll, there are a few procedures you need to take when you first visit the main screen on a new account.

The first thing you must do from your main page is navigated to the “Discity” tab in order to obtain the resources necessary to roll units. The primary storyline that will guide you through the game will then lead you into the MBCC SALVA Chaos chapters from there.

You must start by reading the first chapter that appears in front of you before moving on to the subsequent phases of the story. To be more specific, you will need to navigate through tale chapters 1-1, 12, SD-101, a side story, then main plot chapters 1-3, SD-102, and finally main story stages 1-4.

  • Story stages 1-1 will grant you Ice Stone Raw Ores, Random low-level materials, and 70 hypercubes which are crucial for pulling units.
  • Story stages 1-2 will grant you twilight stone raw ore, random low-level material, and 70 hypercubes for your first-time clear.
  • Side story SD-101 will give players one KK, and 35 hypercubes.
  • Story stages 1-3 will grant players red stone raw ore, random low-level materials, and 70 hypercubes for their first clears.
  • Side story SD-102 will grant players EMP, and 35 hypercubes.
  • Finally, the story stage tears stone raw ore, random low-level materials, and 70 hypercubes.

It will take players a total of 20 minutes to an hour depending on how immersed you want to be in the storyline.

Path to Nowhere Survey
Path to Nowhere Voiceover Survey

Mailbox Rewards:

You can now view your mailbox by moving over to the upper right corner of the screen from that point. The Chief Inauguration Bonus mail that each player will receive is the key prize you should concentrate on there as a new account because it is crucial to mailbox rewards.

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There will be a total of four arrest warrants and 600 hypercubes enclosed in the mail below (each arrest costs 180 cubes).

Pre-Registration Rewards:

When you return to the main screen after obtaining your first free prizes. You will be taken directly to the event tab.

The pre-registration event will be ongoing and provide players with a variety of goodies they can gather, such as manic essence, discounts, stamina, crime brands, etc. However, when you reach one million pre-registrations, you will find a total of 5 arrest warrants and 200 hypercubes waiting for you. Claim all of the prizes at once to save time.


You can now roll the money into your account. You can access the beginning banner by going to the arrest tab. The novice banner is absolutely essential. Because the first 10 pulls or arrests a player makes will always result in an S-tier unit. Which might be one of bai Yi, Eirene, Hamel, Summer, or Zoya.

Due to the 20% beginner discount. The novice banner will only cost 8 warrants as opposed to the customary 10. So be sure to use it. The beginner’s banner can be pulled twice for a total cost of 16 warrants rather than the regular 20 warrants.

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Now, with your other 10 pull with the warrants and hypercube. You can head over to your desired banner to see if you can get lucky if not.  Then it’s time to reroll!

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