Nikke Lost Relics Locations, Blueprints & More

Nikke Lost Relics Locations: Have you looked up the locations for Goddess Of Victory Nikke Lost Artifacts yet? The players of the interesting sci-fi shooting game Nikke are now faced with discovering the sites of lost relics, hotels, lost reliquaries observatory model locations, and more.

Here is the Official Guide for locating and pinpointing the locations of the stolen artifacts and blueprints in Nikke. Each lost relic site and the observation, as well as hotel plans, can be located in a number of the game’s chapters. The lost treasures and designs are accessible throughout Nikke.

Nikke Lost Relics Locations
Nikke Lost Relics Locations

To locate all of the missing artifacts, blueprints, observatory model locations, and other items in Nikke. players must thoroughly explore the whole game world and precisely search through all of its chapters and pages.

Nikke Lost Relics Locations – Detailed Information:

Make sure you finish all of the chapter 3 Nikke tasks and stages before attempting to obtain the hotel plans and observation blueprints from the forgotten relics of Nikke.

You can get more gemstones and other in-game incentives from NIKKE by collecting missing relics.

So finding the missing relics in the NIKKE game is a simple process; they are dispersed over the landscape. Just make absolutely sure to step on the relic & wait again for the notification caution icon to appear before choosing and equipping it.

Along with the relics, look for the blueprints, currency, materials, as well as other objects of Nikke. Once you have a complete set of NIKKE’s relics, you will be allowed to use all of the missing relics and receive 100 gems as a reward.

Information about the NIKKE locations of lost artifacts and blueprints:

Similar to relics, blueprints come in many categories and may in the chapter of Nikke where they all spawn.

The list of designs in Nikke can here. Nikke features blueprints in Chapters 3 and 4. All of these designs are on top of the missing relics.

  • Police Station Blueprints
  • Maid Cafe Blueprints
  • Observatory Blueprints
  • Toy Shop Blueprints
  • Generator Blueprints
  • Train Station Blueprints
  • Workshop & Armory Blueprints

These Nikke lost relics blueprints by finish the chapter stages of chapters 3 and 4, the campaign in chapter 4. And exploring the site to find the spawning designs.

The blueprint for the observatory is in the chapter 3 narrative. And the blueprint for the hotel keeps appearing in the same section iii tale.

Nikke Lost Relics Locations
Nikke Lost Relics Locations

One blueprint will be accessible place in a single chapter, for instance. One hotel blueprint can obtain in Section three of Lost Relics. With the best plan, characters, and weaponry, all of Nikke’s Chapter 3 and Episode 4 stages can complete.

Nikke Hospital Blueprint Location:

Although the majority of Goddess of Victory: Nikke’s campaign takes place on a linear map, there are many trinkets to along the route. Some of them will even help you build your Outpost and improve your ability to gather resources. In light of the foregoing, Nikke is the location of the Hospital Plan in Goddess of Triumph.

Where to Find Nikke Hospital Blueprint:

The Dreamland map, which is the conclusion and recommendations of the Nikke campaign, is where you may find the Hospital Blueprint. Finding the bright patches that signal Lost Relics can be very challenging in the icy environment, but we’re here to assist you.

The Hospital Blueprint may in the image down below, right where our team is in position.

Just beneath the EX stage, it is located directly behind the left post of a gate. Go there and tap on the orange challenge that comes after you flip the switch to unlock the gate, and you’re set to go.

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