New World Runestone Stopwatch – What Is this?

New World Runestone Stopwatch: You need the right number of repair components and a small amount of coin in New World in order to repair your equipment. Repair components are a special type of resource that can only be used to fix things; they cannot be bought, sold, or traded. You must salvage weapons and armour that you no longer require in order to get repair parts.

When you salvage gear, there’s also a potential that the salvage will be perfect and provide you with some unique resources. We’ll go over all you need to know about the New World Gear Repair and Salvage system in this article.

You will encounter both armour and weapons that are not particularly useful to you while exploring Aeternum. They are either of a much lesser tier than you would want to utilise, or they are simply not something you would want to equip. By pressing C and left clicking while hovering over the gear you wish to salvage when this happens, you can do so (You can also hold CTRL, press C, and left click to quick salvage without a confirmation screen). The item will then be salvaged as a result, and you will also get some gold and repair components. The tier of the item that you recover will determine how many repair parts and gold you get.

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New World Runestone Stopwatch
New World Runestone Stopwatch

What is Material:

In the New World, material is a resource that can be utilized to create any expedition’s desired named item of equipment. Each mission requires a particular set of materials. It is not commonplace. As a result, you cannot use materials from one expedition to construct anything from another.

If players are having trouble finding a drop during their expedition runs, this resource allows them another way to get the goods they want.

How to Obtain Materia in New World:

There are two ways for players to get Materia. You can receive it by salvaging a certain item that you got through an adventure. Any object from a designated excursion can be salvaged into the material of that expedition kind (Garden of Genesis, Depths, Lazarus, etc.) This is helpful if you are getting named things that are duplicates of ones you already have or that you do not want. You may salvage it and make something useful out of it.

By taking out an expedition’s main boss, you can also get material. You will receive a material of the appropriate expedition type as a result of this.

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You can then utilise that material to create the expedition gear you want once you’ve collected a specific amount of it. You must travel to the appropriate crafting location. Then, simply locate your preferred item in the “Unique Expedition Rewards” area.

The material cost will vary depending on the item. The expedition drop can be made without the need of any additional materials. You can create the object with just the necessary number of raw materials.


You can salvage the pieces for a lot of repair components if you land a flawless salvage and get fragments. The shards can also be used to manufacture things, extract minerals, or make gypsum orbs.

Asmodeum, runic leather, phoenixweave. Scintillating ebony are a few examples of cooldown materials that can be created from pieces as opposed to scraps.

You cannot create research notes for weapon experience using fragments. Fragments do have another purpose, though. You need them along with a runestone timer to create crafts that are certain to have a 598–600 gear score. For the fabrication, 2 of the appropriate fragment are required.

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