How to Unlock and Equip Jokr Launcher in MW2 Modern Warfare 2

How to Unlock and Equip Jokr Launcher in MW2 Modern Warfare 2: Have you finally acquired the famed JOKR in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but are unsure of how to use it? Soldier, we’ve got you covered. Here is all the information we have about using the JOKR in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Wielding the JOKR in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2:

With a high-explosive missile that consistently hits its target from the air, the JOKR is primarily a lock-on launcher that excels at bringing down the ground, sea, and air vehicles. The JOKR cannot be shot from the hip, in contrast to the other launcher choices. Before it can fire, it must have a target to lock onto and be locked onto that target. As a result, you cannot utilise it in a gunfight as the RPG can. Instead, it calls for a little more dexterity.

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How to Unlock and Equip Jokr Launcher in MW2 Modern Warfare 2
Unlock and Equip Jokr Launcher in MW2 Modern Warfare 2

Despite the fact that the JOKR requires a target to fire, it can lock onto any surface, unlike previous lock-on launchers, not only other vehicles. This indicates that it can be used to eliminate troops from the opposite side of the map, although doing so takes careful consideration.

Whether it is a surface or a vehicle, the JOKR needs about three seconds to lock onto a point. ADS (Aim Down Sights) must be used during this period, after which the JOKR will begin beeping to signal that you can fire. You are, as expected, utterly unprotected during this time, so use it away from the main conflict.

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Once launched, the rocket will soar into the air above all buildings visible on the map. The missile will start to curve downward to hit your target after a brief period of time. Any troops within the massive blast radius when it explodes will be instantly killed. As you can think, this is incredibly powerful, but even with this explanation, it is still challenging to use it effectively. To obtain a feel for the weapon, some active use will be necessary.

Tips for Using the JOKR:

The JOKR relies heavily on prediction and map logic to execute killing shots. You are aware that the enemy will attempt to take the point(s) needed to win in objective-based game variants. Using that peculiar reasoning, you can direct your JOKR toward the aforementioned spots, particularly in game variants like Hardpoint or Headquarters where only one active point is present at any given time. When the point shifts, try to line up shots with the JOKR early because the other team will probably be grouped together. Team wipes using the JOKR with a correctly timed and positioned lock-on are not unusual. Keep in mind that the JOKR is all about anticipating where the opponent will be and firing before they arrive.

When you are close to walls or structures, exercise extreme caution. The missile is live up until the JOKR fires. Before ascending into the sky, it advances only a little bit. If it moves forward and collides with a wall or other object, you will be killed by the blast rather than your foe. Before taking the shot, make sure you are at a safe distance. Otherwise, soldier, exploit the fight flow to your advantage.

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