New World How to Join a Faction

New World How to Join a Faction: The New World Factions are a significant component of Amazon Games’ MMO, but on the enigmatic island of Aeternum, it’s not immediately clear who to join and what advantages they provide. The Factions in New World largely serves as the game’s PvP entry point, even if they all generally offer the same items. To fight for control of towns, forts, and areas of the island, factions can participate in big 50 vs 50 player war games or 20 vs 20 PvPvE outpost rush games.

Make sure you and all of your friends are familiar with how New World Factions operate, including how to join them and what advantages they have, as they set some limitations on who you can play with.

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New World How to Join a Faction
New World How to Join a Faction

What are New World Factions?

There are three New World Factions available, and their common goal is to rule Aeternum. You must sign up for one of the three Factions in order to engage in PvP activities in New World, such as participating in 50 vs. 50 Wars over territory. Additionally, you’ll get access to Faction Missions, which, in addition to PvP activities, let you advance in your faction and strengthen your faction’s power over a certain region.

You’ll note that the New World map’s various regions are colored differently depending on which Faction controls them. Members of a Faction who are in a territory that their Faction controls receive advantages, such as fighting bonuses and the ability to decide how much tax their community will pay. It is in your best advantage to protect the area that your Faction currently controls and to lessen the influence of the other Factions throughout Aeternum. You’ll soon be able to declare war and begin a conflict over the territory of your rival Faction if you sufficiently undermine them. The three Factions vying for your loyalty are list.

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How to join a New World Faction:

In New World, you must have arrived at the principal settlement in your region and finish a number of introduction missions before you may join a faction. You’ll eventually have to meet with every Faction representative in the settlement.

After speaking with the three delegates, you must decide which Factions you want to join. To accomplish this, return to any of the Faction representatives and express your desire to join them. After seeing a few tutorial pages explaining the operation of New World Factions, all three Factions will then be displayed to you simultaneously. On this screen, you must decide which Faction to join. After making your decision, you will receive an initiation quest to formally join that Faction.

Several words of caution regarding Factions. You can change Factions occasionally, but your decision is not definitive. After initially joining a Faction, you can quickly switch to a different one by visiting your character’s bio. After changing your Faction for the first time, you must wait 120 days before changing it again. Additionally, you can only join New World Companies with other members of your own Faction. In a similar vein, if you are Flagged for PvP, you are limited to playing with members of your own Faction. Even though you can participate in most PvE activities with any player, you and your pals should all select the same Faction.

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