New World Fire Staff ICE Gauntlet Build

New World Fire Staff ICE Gauntlet Build: When used properly, the Elementalist New World Ice Gauntlet Build combines the Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet to deliver top-tier AOE damage and respectable burst damage. We will go over everything you need to know to properly pilot the Elementalist PVP build in this build guide.

The primary trait of Firestaff is Fireball. Fireball will be used when it is not on cooldown to put pressure on distant targets and shorten the cooldowns of your other abilities. Flamethrower helps you destroy people by healing and applying a tonne of damage pressure to melee targets.

With the aid of the excellent utility spell Burnout, you may kite melee builds and sprint away from peril. Burnout can also be used offensively, however, it’s usually best to reserve it for defensive uses.

Ice Gauntlet Mastery Points:

The Ice Gauntlet’s primary ability, Ice Shower, is also one of the top CC spells in the New World. To set up kills for you and your group, you and your team must master the art of landing an Ice Shower on enemies. Ice Storm offers decent AOE damage that may be applied to pressure or zone control targets.

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New World Fire Staff ICE Gauntlet Build
New World Fire Staff ICE Gauntlet Build

The Ice Gauntlet Mastery tree’s last active ability is Entombed. It is a utility spell that, when used properly, can help you withstand the strain and take as little damage as possible.


This split maintains a high level of damage while granting some more HP and resilience. You can modify the split to 350 INT and 150 CON if you feel comfortable using your dodge, Ice Gauntlet powers, and Burnout for survivability. Going below 150 Consitution in PVP is not advised because you will forfeit the extra Crit resistance provided by the 150 CON perk.


We’ll go over your gear in detail in this section of the Elementalist New World Ice Gauntlet Build. This contains the benefits of armour, weapons, and gear.

We will fall within the light equip-weight category for this build. You will have access to exceptional mobility and 20% more damage in this equip weight category. For instance, the following armor combinations are optimal for obtaining this equip load:



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The only armour you’ll need for this build can be manufactured just for you through crafting or purchased from the auction house. The perfect perk distribution for all of your armour is shown below. From top to bottom, they are arranged in order of importance. Work your way up to armour with three bonuses after starting with two!

  • Unending Thaw
  • Deadly Frost
  • Refreshing (5)
  • Resilient (3) (1)
  • Shirking Energy
  • Freedom (3)


Your BIS for this build, along with the majority of New World builds, will be a crafted weapon. From left to right, the benefits are presented in order of significance. You should be able to obtain weapons with the stated purple perks since two perk gear is now extremely inexpensive.


Consumables for this build are rather simple. You should have a stack of hearty meals and one of each infused potion type (Health, Mana, and Regen) on your bar. Use an Infused Regeneration Potion and a Hearty Meal together while kiting away when your health pots are on cooldown to boost survivability and shorten the amount of time you need to leave the fight.

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