Carbon Flight Bundle Overwatch 2 – New Bundle

Carbon Flight Bundle Overwatch 2: Xbox One Overwatch 2 gamers currently receive free goodies! The Carbon Fibre epic skin as well as the Gibraltar Jet memento are included in the Carbon Flight Bundle.

You should consider yourself lucky if you play Overwatch 2 on an Xbox! Right now, it appears like every Overwatch 2 user on the Xbox system can get a free skin. It appears that the gamers will receive a free Carbon Fiber cosmetic for Pharah and a memento from Gibraltar. Players on the PC and PlayStation lack this chance.

Many players are seeing an Xbox notification that reads: “Let’s restart the battle with you! New and cost-free to play are Overwatch 2. We’d like to send you this coupon for just a Pharah Carbon – fiber Legendary skin and a memento that may be used in Overwatch 2 as a way of saying thanks for playing the game.”

Carbon Flight Bundle Overwatch 2
Carbon Flight Bundle Overwatch 2

A lot of new elements, like gaming modes, heroes, as well as other cosmetics, were included in Overwatch 2 when it was released earlier this month.

Although the game has gone independent, there is some material that the producers have restricted behind a paywall. The community and fans of the franchise have varying opinions about this.

Carbon Flight Bundle Overwatch 2

There are several Hero skins that you can get for free, particularly if you are enjoying Overwatch 2 on Xbox, even though some of them may cost you some in-game gold.

By purchasing the Carbon Flight Bundle inside the game, Microsoft console customers will have the opportunity to get their hands on the Pharah Carbon – fiber Epic skin the Gibraltar Jet Souvenir.

The accompanying guide will explain how to obtain the bundle and the two unique cosmetics in Overwatch 2. Getting the package isn’t too tough.

How to get the Overwatch 2 Carbon Flight Bundle:

Only Overwatch 2’s Carbon Flight Bundle mask is available to Xbox console users. Other platforms are unable to offer either Pharah Carbon Fibre Legendary cosmetics or Gibraltar Jet souvenirs for free. As a result, if you play on a PC or even a PlayStation, then will need to spend a lot of in-game money.

Xbox gamers may, however, easily acquire the bundle and accessories from the shooter. Consequently, there won’t be much that you need to do in order to obtain it:

  • As soon as Xbox users check into Overwatch 2, a message will appear straight on their devices. They must enter the code from the message in the game to redeem their5
  • Carbon Flight Bundle.
  • Once you have the code, you must go to the shooter’s in-game store and select the option to enter it in the redeem box. To obtain the bundle, you must provide the proper code.
  • You must click “Proceed” after entering the needed code in the field. The Carbon Flight Bundle, which includes the Pharah Carbon-fiber Epic cosmetic and Gibraltar Jet Souvenir, automatic give to you by the game.
  • The Xbox gamers will have a week to use this in the game, it’s vital to remember that. So, if you take a brief vacation from Overwatch 2, then can come back and redeem it later.

This is a fantastic chance for Xbox fans to obtain these rare cosmetics for free, considering the majority of Epic skins or Souvenirs must purchash.

It’s a shame that PlayStation or PC users can’t use it. But hopefully, Blizzard will release some cosmetic code for these systems in the future weeks.

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