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Path to Nowhere Suspect Pursuit: When starting a police pursuit, an officer also bears the duty of deciding when to terminate it. Even if that decision is decided for him by external factors or a higher power, the pursuit’s hazards must always be weighed against the benefits of safely apprehending the perpetrator.

Throughout the quest, this risk vs. return analysis should be ongoing. It’s possible that the risks and conditions will change from one second to the next. Constantly reevaluating the situation may help to reduce risk and keep the officer focused and thinking logically rather than emotionally. Traffic volume

The officer is relieved from having to take traffic density or congestion into account when a pursuit starts and continues on a mostly empty roadway. Sadly, pursuits frequently travel through locations with different levels of traffic density. The pursuit can shift from a rural route to the heart of the metropolis, or vice versa. The dynamics of an 80 mph chase on an open motorway differ from those on city surface streets.

This instance exemplifies how important it is for the officer to be familiar with the local geography and goings-on. Knowing when students will be arriving and departing from school is essential if it looks like the path will pass the neighbourhood high school (young offenders have been known to drive by their school so their pals can witness them fleeing the police). The majority of the day the road may be clear, but the half-hour before and after school is when traffic is heavy.

Path to Nowhere Suspect Pursuit
Path to Nowhere Suspect Pursuit Zoya


The factors that prompt an officer to start a pursuit are significant, yet they are subject to change. The driver may have fled after the police attempted to stop him after seeing a minor traffic infraction. Under those conditions, a pursuit might not be permitted by his department’s policies. But what if he later finds out the car has been stolen or is wanted in relation to a violent crime? The return on a wants check for the licence plate may take up to a minute. It might be okay to let the pursuit go on while we wait for such information. The department might be held accountable if the officer didn’t pursue and later realised he was in the presence of someone on the Ten Most Wanted List.

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That scenario is also possible in reverse. Based on the description of a car involved in a crime, an officer might start a stop, only to discover the sought-after vehicle has already been found. It might be better to call off the chase if there are no more reasons to continue the pursuit.


When the suspect or one of the police vehicles causes an accident that involves a third party, that is one of the risks of a police pursuit. This might result from a direct collision between two of the pursuing vehicles or from someone merely attempting to avoid them.

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Even if there is no direct contact between the fleeing suspect’s car and one of the vehicles involved in the crash, he or she may still be held criminally accountable. Some states have laws that, in a way similar to the felony murder rule, hold people accountable for any harm to third parties that results from their attempts to evade law enforcement.

If this occurs, a pursuit initiated due to a minor traffic infraction may now include a felony hit-and-run and must be assessed accordingly. An police would almost probably be justified in starting a chase if they saw a vehicle run a red light, broadside another vehicle that was approaching the intersection, and then attempt to leave. The situation should be the same if it occurs in the middle of another pursuit.

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