Path to Nowhere 2-8 Main Story Sealed Despair Easy Strategy

Path to Nowhere 2-8: On October 27, 2022, AISNO Games released the global version of Path to Nowhere. Path to Nowhere, a 2D tower-defense RPG, has amassed over 1 million downloads in just the first three days of release, suggesting that players are already responding well to it.

Both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store offer Path to Nowhere as a free-to-play game. To earn tasty pre-registration prizes, including 10 summoning tickets, an exclusive skin for the A-ranked sinner Hecate, and a tonne of premium cash, players may register their accounts in-game right now. In addition, a 7-day new player login incentive is currently running to grant extra summoning currency to all players.

Simply defined, Path to Nowhere is a hero collector game that uses gacha features to attract heroes referred to as “Sinners” in the game’s official name. These Sinners can also be used by players in strategic conflicts that test their wits. One area of mobility for both allies and opponents is represented by each square on the miniature map, which is divided into a number of squares. In the area of this guide devoted to fighting mechanics, we will learn more about these systems.

In this Path to Nowhere beginner’s guide, we’ll go over some of the game’s most fundamental concepts that are essential for new players to understand when they enter the world of Sinners and the MBCC. Many of these explanations will be written in very simple terms to make them more accessible to new players while also providing helpful advice along the way for genre veterans as well. Since Path to Nowhere has only been available for three days, we strongly advise players to use this guide as a reference as they make their own decisions.

Basics of Summoning System:

A gacha game called Path to Nowhere uses probability to give players a chance to acquire their favourite sins. After completing the tutorial, the “Arrest” in-game system becomes available, and this is where players can acquire these Sinners. Comparable to many other similar gacha games, the chance of summoning Sinner increases as their rarity decreases, whereas the chance of summoning a Sinner increase as their rarity decreases.

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Path to Nowhere 2-8
Path to Nowhere 2-8


Here are the different rarities of Sinners and their rates:

  • S Rank Sinners – 2% probability of being summoned
  • A Rank Sinners – 18% probability of being summoned
  • R Rank Sinners – 80% probability of being summoned

These Sinners are available to players through the various summoning banners found in the Arrest section. The various summoning banners that new players will encounter when they first access the Arrest menu are shown below:

Sin and Order Beginner Summoning Banner:

Every new player that joins the game has access to this special beginner’s banner. Players are promised an S-ranked Sinner in the first 10 draws under this banner. Additionally, 20 summons can be made on this banner by players. With a reduction, each 10 draw only costs 8 arrest warrants to complete the summons. Remember that this summoning banner only offers a small number of S-ranked Sinners. It is perfect for gamers who want to effectively reroll.

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Routine Summoning Banner:

Players can use their Arrest Orders to summon R-S ranked sinners in this summoning banner. All of the sinners that are currently playable are listed in this banner, with the rate-up sinner having the most possibility of being called if players are successful in obtaining an S-ranked sinner.

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