Chaotic Bundle in Free Fire Max – Get Now

Chaotic Bundle in Free Fire Max: The Free Fire MAX Indian region has lately received a big influx of Shiba-themed goodies from Garena.

Through a number of events, these things have indeed been incorporated into the game. The newest one is called Customize Your Shiba, and the rewards include a special Chaotic Puppy Bundle as well as other cosmetics.

The competition is quite comparable to the well-known Faded Wheels in that participants can choose their prize after a predetermined number of spins which can affect the prize pool.

Chaotic Bundle in Free Fire Max

Customize Players can access Your Shiba until November 8, 2022, after it was added to the battle royale game on November 2, 2022.

New Adaptive Free Fire MAX’s Shiba event offers the Chaotic Puppy Bundle as well as other incentives:

Customize In Free Fire MAX, Your Shiba is indeed a paid event, and in order to receive the goodies, you must pay for diamonds. You must first take away two unwanted goods from the prize pool, though.

The following is a list of the cosmetics up for grabs:

  • Chaotic Puppy Bundle
  • 1x Cube Fragment
  • Skull Hunter Weapon Loot Crate
  • Goldrim King Backpack
  • Infernal Draco (Red) Token Box
  • Bone Loot Box
  • Diamond Royale Voucher (Expiry date: December 31, 2022)
  • Shiba Box
  • Pet Skin: Shiba Sunshine
  • 3x Pet Food

The event’s distinguishing feature is the ability to alter the bundle through additional purchases. The following are the cosmetics that can be bought:


  • Shiba Slipper – 149 diamonds
  • Chaotic Puppy (Starry) Shoes – 99 diamonds

Chaotic Bundle in Free Fire Max


  • Evil Husky Mask – 299 diamonds
  • Shy Shiba Mask – 199 diamonds


  • Bubble Pup Parachute – Free on purchase of all the previous four items

Once acquired, a thing won’t be used again. As a result, there is no set rate for collecting awards. The following is the cost to buy the products at each spin:

  • 1st spin – 3 diamonds
  • 2nd spin – 9 diamonds
  • 3rd spin – 19 diamonds
  • 4th spin – 29 diamonds
  • 5th spin – 49 diamonds
  • 6th spin – 69 diamonds
  • 7th spin – 99 diamonds
  • 8th spin – 299 diamonds
The total number of diamonds needed to earn all of the aforementioned awards is 576. Given that it contains a permanent outfit, a loot box, as well as a pet skin, among many other things, this is a great deal.

How to get goodies from the new Free Fire MAX Event:

The steps listed below can use to obtain rewards from the Free Fire MAX event “Customize Your Shiba”:

1) Access the new event UI by logging onto my Free Fire MAX account. To do this, open a new tab and click the go-to button next to the relevant area.

2) Select two undesirable goods from the aforementioned prize pool once the event screen has loaded.

Because you cannot change your selections after you make them, exercise caution.

3) Spend diamonds to spin the wheel and receive a random item from the pool. Repeat the process until you get a specific outfit.

You will receive all the prizes by performing eight spins because the items cannot duplicate once obtained.

4) By clicking the “Customize Your Shiba Bundle” link, you can add more clothing to your order.

Thru the vault page, you can equip your bundle.

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