Barkimedes Quest New World – How To Complete

Barkimedes Quest New World: The second expedition in the New World is The Starstone Barrows. The correct quests to use to enter and exit the dungeon are covered in this guide.

The second expedition in the New World is The Starstone Barrows. At the Shattered Obelisk in Everfall, you’ll come here when you’re about level 35. Although by this time higher-level players are probably repeating the Expedition for gear that can help you through at a lower level, it is advised that you head here at level 35.

To enter this dungeon, you require the Starstone Barrows Tuning Orb. You can also take on certain additional quests to gain more EXP. Here is information about how to go to the Expedition, what kind of preparations you need make, and how to finish it.

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Barkimedes Quest New World
Barkimedes Quest New World

How To Access The Starstone Barrows:

Recall the person that gives you the Amrine Expedition missions in the Everfall tavern? William Heron was a very noteworthy character. He will also provide you with a Tuning Orb that enables you to access the Expedition as well as the Side Quests needed to enter the Starstone Barrows. You must be at least level 33.

Before you go in make sure to pick up these other quests:

  • Barkimedes! The dog outside the Amrine Expedition also gives you a quest to collect bones in the Starstone Barrows. Just make sure to pick up the bones from the various mini-bosses in the dungeon.
  • Reaper’s Locus, a quest from Herbalist Lau in Brightwood. A level 33 quest you get after “Lost and Returned.” You will need to collect the Reaper’s Locus from the dungeon. You actually get a free Starstone Tuning Orb when you start this quest.

Struggling with how to access the Azoth Staff or Tuning Orbs? Here are our guides.

  • How To Obtain And Upgrade The Azoth Staff
  • How To Obtain Tuning Orbs

Ancient Hall:

Simple things. straight hallways. Murderous mobs. Several weaker javelin adversaries, few tanky shieldbearers, and a slew of ancient foes. A balanced squad should have little difficulty clearing this section of the dungeon. At level 36, Centimas, the last elite creature, spawns with an arbitrary benefit like a Frost Aura. This portion is trickier, especially for parties with lesser skill levels. Get your tank on Centimas after concentrating on the javelin additions.

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Sealed Chamber:

Lasers! To access the iron ore vein there, crawl below them. Avoid touching them. They will instantly murder you. After defeating a few more foes, proceed through to the respawn area and take the dungeon’s first supply chest. Before moving on to the next area, there are a few more evil guys and some moving lasers.

The Forbidden Passage:

This is when things start to become a little trickier. Lasers are EVERYWHERE in the Forbidden Passage. None of them may be touched. You must navigate a secure passageway. There are two options: either to the left, through the centre, and over a tiny jump, or down the ramp to the right, which needs a little bit of laser dodging here and there (you can know you’re heading the right direction since there’s an Iron vein).

After navigating the laser maze, you will reach the other side, where there is a ledge. Leap over, then ascend the wooden stairway. You can locate the Azoth pool and receive an Orb of Protection from it. With its assistance, you can pass through the lasers.

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