Top Best Jakarta Hotels with Bali Vibes

Jakarta has a large selection of hotels for a staycation. One type of staycation hotel in Jakarta that is quite popular is the hotel with a Balinese feel. This type of hotel is perfect for someone who wants a vacation to Bali but hasn’t had a chance.

Jakarta hotels with Bali vibes design deliberately provide service and experience the holiday atmosphere like in Bali. Staycation is a pleasant alternative for various groups of people such as family, friends or a romantic getaway.

List of Jakarta Hotels with Bali Vibes

Here are some hotel recommendations in Jakarta who have Balinese vibes for a staycation:

Jakarta Hotels with Bali Vibes

  1. Swissotel Jakarta, PIK Avenue

The swimming pool at Swissotel Jakarta is very spacious, similar to the one in the Ubud villa. It gives Bali vibes to visitors. The location of this hotel is not far from the city center, more precisely, close to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. With attractive services and views, this hotel offers a reasonably affordable price. Swissotel is perfect for a staycation with Bali vibes.

  1. Putri Duyung Resort

Bali Island is indeed very identical to the sea and the coast. Therefore, it’s no wonder that hotels in Bali usually have beach views. Putri Duyung Resort is an inn with views of the Ancol beach. The views and design of the hotel was designed in such a way as to make this hotel has a Balinese feel. In addition to the beach, visitors can also enjoy the view of the lake and park.

  1. La Boheme

La Boheme is a Jakarta hotel with an interior feel like in Bali. The hotel, located strategically in the Kuningan area, can be reached from every angle. There are some exciting facilities, such as gym facilities and a rooftop with beautiful views.

  1. Akmani Hotel

The interior design of the Akmani Hotel gives this hotel a Balinese feel. The combination of golden colors with dark and oval wall patterns can give the impression of a sense of a staycation in Bali. The hotel location is in the Menteng area, Center Jakarta.

  1. Shangri-La Jakarta

Shangri-La is a hotel famous for its vast green space. The garden design provided, as well as the swimming pool, offer a Balinese atmosphere for visitors. The hotel location is also quite strategic, close to the Grand Indonesia Mall.

  1. DoubleTree by Hilton

The swimming pool at this hotel has a design that is very similar to that in Bali. You can also use a bar in the pool area to see the sunset. Therefore, this hotel gives a Balinese feel and a sense of luxury vacation on the Bali beach.

The above reviews about Jakarta hotel with Bali vibes will help those who want to have their staycation on the Dewata Island. Bali is a tourist destination that is dreamed of by many people. Bali offers many types of attractions, such as natural beauty, cuisine, and a Bali safari.

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