Path to Nowhere Astrologer Character Review

Path to Nowhere Astrologer Character Review: This latest smartphone SRPG game’s Path to Nowhere Rankings is really for players looking for the strongest and most powerful character. Here, we’ll introduce you to some of the tower defense game’s strongest, best, and most powerful heroes. Take a look at the list below!

Path to Nowhere Astrologer Character Review


Path to Nowhere 2022 Tier List:

The top characters from SRPG Path to Nowhere are listed below in tier order. Tier D is the weakest and Tier S is the greatest. If you disagree, do let us know why on our website so that we may take your concerns into account and amend the tier list.


  • Ariel,
  • Astrologer,
  • Che,
  • Chelsea,
  • Creche,
  • Dolly,
  • Emp,
  • Eirene,
  • Horo,
  • Hella,
  • Hekate,
  • Ignis,
  • Kelvin,
  • Kava-Kava,
  • Luvia Ray,
  • Picasso,
  • Pricilla,
  • Serpent,
  • Victoria,
  • Wendy


  • Baiyi,
  • Demon,
  • Hamel,
  • Labyrinth,
  • Langley,
  • Nox,
  • Zoya


  • Cinnabar,
  • Gekkabijin,
  • Lisa,
  • Pepper,
  • Sumire,
  • Tetra,
  • Wolverine


  • Anne,
  • Chameleon,
  • Demolia,
  • Flora,
  • Fox,
  • Joan,
  • Koko,
  • Macchiato,
  • Mess,
  • Ninety-Nine,
  • OliFeR,
  • Peggy,
  • RouLecca,
  • Summer

The Path to Nowhere Astrologer Character Overview :

In Path to Nowhere, the astrologer is an S-type character.

The Path to Nowhere Astrologer Skills:

Astrological: Each block deals 71% of the Astrologer’s assault magic damage as he channels energy strikes through the magic weapon.

Path to Nowhere Astrologer Character Review:

  • The damage multiplier has been raised to 75%
  • The damage multiplier was raised to 80%
  • The damage multiplier was raised to 86%.
  • Damage multiplier has been raised by 92%
  • Damage multiplier is 98%.
  • Increased damage multiplier to104%
  • Increased damage multiplier to 11 %
  • Damage multiplier is 119%.
  • Damage multiplier was raised to 127%.
Victory Star: There can only be two Victory Stars active at once when the Astrologer summons them on the target square. Victory Star: inherits 100% of the attack and 30% of the maximum HP of the Astrologer. It will periodically deal 130% of its weapon magic harm to the 9 grid with itself in the middle.
  • Increased damage multiplier to 139%
  • Increased damage multiplier to 148%
  • Increased damage multiplier to 158%
  • Increased damage multiplier to 169%
  • Increased damage multiplier to 180%
  • Increased damage multiplier to 192%
  • Increased damage multiplier to 205%
  • Increased damage multiplier to 219%
  • Damage was multiplier by 234%.
Star Guidance: Victory Star: Damage to a single adversary is enhanced by 4% when dealt with repeatedly over a short amount of time, and this impact can stack up to five times.
Realm: All opponents inside the nine-square grid will deal magic damage equal to 200% of Victory Star’s own ATK when it vanishes.

The Path to Nowhere Astrologer Special Ability Description:

“Astrologer Exclusive Brand”: Land of Dreams was included as an exclusive kill. Continue to direct the Victory Stars just on the field while dealing yourself and every Victory Star in the nine-square area 60/70/80% of the self-attack magic damage per second. Dreamland will last for 8 seconds, after which time the kill will interrupt by other events. Each combat only allows for one usage of Dreamland.

Path to Nowhere Astrologer Character Review:

Characteristics of The Path to Nowhere Astrologer:

The summoned object’s damage increases by 10% when a person who is skills at using magic tools to cast spells is in close proximity.

Leadership Skills of The Path to Nowhere Astrologer:

A fresh Victory Star would not be called at this time, but the sure kill spell can be cast on the active Victory Star to do twice as much damage to [Virtual Realm] within the range.

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