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In NOX Path to Nowhere: On October 27, 2022, NOX Path to Nowhere became available all across the world. Both the iOS Application Store and the Google Play Store offer free access to it. With over a million downloads on the launch day alone. the game is anticipated to be one of the most successful releases of its sort for the flexible RPG genre in 2022.

In NOX Path to Nowhere features over 70 collectible characters, each with their own unique use and powers, and combines the strategic and thrilling gameplay of top-tier defense role-playing games with a Lovecraftian horror theme. With such a large roster of characters—referred to as “Sinners” in-game—many players will naturally be looking for the most experienced Sinners to acquire and add to their progress. We’ve get you covered with our NOX Path to Nowhere level breakdown for sinners, so unwind.

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NOX Path to Nowhere
NOX Path to Nowhere

NOX Path to Nowhere 2022 Sinners:

We will give an in-depth and comprehensive overview of some of the largest sins that can be amass in-game in this NOX Path to Nowhere tier list. This tier list is divide into three categories, each of which includes all of the strongest and weakest sinners that are currently available as of their global premiere. Keep in mind that this tier list was develop prior to the game’s global launch, and that several modifications may later take place as a result of the game’s periodic rebalancing of its characters. Here is a quick summary of each tier:

Sinners in A-Tier: These sinners have strong base stats but average skills that either take some setup to be functional or are restrict to a certain game style. Some of these sinners serve as support members on various teams.

Sinners in B-Level: The sinners in this level have normal fundamental details and abilities. These dolls should not be use after the early-mid game since their skills and utilization decrease dramatically.

Sinners in S-Level: The sinners in this level have the best base details. Give the most value their abilities and capacities. These Sinners are independent and don’t need the support of different sinners to understand their maximum capacity. Team compositions are usual build around them.

NOX Path to Nowhere:

Nox Path to Nowhere is a sinner of S rarity who plays the game as a Fury. In Nox Path to Nowhere uses the greatsword weapon to combat Obliterate basic attacks. This attack is a quick slash that causes the victim to sustain physical damage equal to 90% of his Attack for each segment. Nox “unleashes the dormant force within his body, offering equal emancipation to everyone,” according to his special ability Touch of Despair.

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The standard attack transforms into Dark Destroyer Blade Qi. Which unleashes the Debris Crushed Sword Qi to attack every foe in the nine-square matrix in front of you. This attack deals actual damage equal to 158% of your own assault per fragment. It prevents you from recovering energy naturally for 20 seconds. The first Nox passive trait is Every time an enemy dies during a battle. Nox receives a 0.6% attack increase (up to a maximum of 9%), says Erosion.

BAIYI Path to Nowhere:

Baiyi uses the Umbra job in-game and is a S uncommon sinner. Sinister, the basic attack of Baiyi, deals enemies damage over two hits. The chosen opponent takes damage from the first and second stages of this attack equal to 65% of her Attack. In the third phase of the attack. In accordance with Baiyi’s special attack Wind Chaos, “Bai Yi increases his speed to the maximum. And the following three moves cause physical damage equal to 200%. Her attack and 1 core damage to all enemies in the cross area centred on the target square.”

Each time this effect is applie, Bai-Yi has a 10-second rise in her critical strike rate of 15%. It is possible to combine this effect with others. “If Bai Yi does not move within 10 seconds, she will acquire one layer of the “Possible to Go” effect, which may be piled up to two layers,” according to her first passive ability, Rush Benefit. Bai Yi’s attack boost when in the “Ready to Go” condition is 6% multiplied by the number of “Ready to Go” stacks for 10 seconds. This benefit can’t be taken away.

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