Free Fire x Yaya Urassaya Collab Coming

Free Fire x Yaya Urassaya: A special initiative for Garena Free Fire will debut and welcome “Yaya Urassaya,” a gifted actress. which, dubbed “Project LUNA,” will offer fans and gamers an all-encompassing and enjoyable experience full of special features including the biggest action movie, the appearance of the first Thai character, and numerous in-game events to enjoy throughout October.

A new character named Luna is initially introduced by Thai artist Yaya Urassaya. Luna has an ability called “Cape and Bye,” which is passive and increases both shooting speed and movement speed.

Yaya Urassaya, a gifted actress and model, has reteamed with Free Fire for the second time, building on the massive success of the short film UNDEFEATED in 2021, which received millions of views. The movie received over 20,000,000 views in total and was recognised with various honours, including the Asia Pacific Awards 2022.

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Free Fire x Yaya Urassaya
Free Fire x Yaya Urassaya Collab

The most recent film from the LUNA project will premiere at Free Fire in October and will be packed with strong action sequences, it is worth highlighting.

Luna Free Fire first Thai character arrives in Garena’s battle Royale:

Yaya Urassaya will appear in the newest Free Fire short film in October, and the LUNA project will also present players with an unique treat. It marks the introduction of the first Thai character, “LUNA,” a novelty that was inspired by the attractive female artist and model “Yaya Urassaya”.

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Free Fire x Yaya Urassaya Skill:

The new Free Fire character, Luna, will debut in the game in October 2022 as a part of the “Luna Project,” which was created in collaboration with actress and model “Yaya Urassaya”.

Initially known as “Cape and Bye,” the talent of the new character Luna in Free Fire is passive. The ability to speed up both movement and firing. In other words, when the Luna character is equipped. The player’s movement while shooting will also be faster. The weapon will fire at a faster rate.


Fans must pay attention to one final aspect. Because the Free Fire game will feature numerous unique events up until October 31, 2022. The Free Fire x Luna alliance will include several in-game tasks. Off-battlefield activities for players and fans to enjoy while earning wonderful gifts. Rewards. Fans beware—this event is entirely free!

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