Tower of Fantasy Racing Event – Get Free Gift and More

Tower of Fantasy Racing Event: An hourly race is held in Tower in Fantasy 2.0’s cyberpunk metropolis of Mirroria, which belongs to Vera. You can race through the city with the other players on the Mirroria Tour. You’ll receive “Pacemaker Emblems” based on where you finish, and you may use them to buy gifts at the event store.

How it works- Tower of Fantasy Racing Event:

You can take part in the Mirroria Tour, a straightforward race, each hourly from 12:00 – 23:00 server time. You have just ten minutes to sign up for the race. The races always begin at 12:10, 13:10, 14:10, and so forth.

  • The tournament begins on October 27, 2022.
  • It concludes on November 9, 2022.

To finish the race, you must run or drive through each of the 10 checkpoints. The higher your rating and eventual Pacing Emblem prize, the faster you are. First place will receive 1500 Pacemaker Emblems, and even lower rankings will receive 500 as a participation prize.

Tower of Fantasy Racing Event
Tower of Fantasy Racing Event

What to look out for list below: Even though the race is quite simple and you have a lot of time to finish one. If you want to come in first you must pay focus on the following:

  • Utilize your mount as frequently as you can.
  • You’ll have to get off your horse and jump at different moments.
  • The jetpack and bionic arm can use to accelerate vertical routes.
  • The first few of the ten checkpoints are easy to miss. Use the map or keep an eye out for the targets to find them.

The Prizes in the Tower of Fantasy Racing Event are as follows:

When you have a sufficient number of Pacemaker insignia, you can purchase the following prizes from the Event Shop:

Item Limit Costs
Red Nucleus 3 300
1200 Energy Crystal Dust 1 1500
100 MIRA 5 200
Couant 1 600
Joint Supply Chip 1 3 200
Weapon Augmentation Box 2 5 40
Weapon Augmentation Box 1 10 20
Matrix Data Pack 3 30 50
Weapon Battery 3 15 50
3 Crystal Chunk 33 15
5 Crystal 20 15
Elemental Ore Box 30 20
Elemental Ore Shard Box 8 10
Vera Fine Gift 5 25
Asperia Fine Gift 5 30

You require 9,000 Pacemaker Insignias to purchase everything in the store. This should be simple to do since you can compete in the race each hour and receive a guaranteed 500 emblems for each race.

Pacemaker Emblems will be given to players as a Prize for completing the race.

Players will receive Pacemaker Insignias as a prize for winning the race, and they may use them to trade them in for prizes like Red Nucleus, Power Crystal Dust (Orange), Mari, and much more. Please be aware that the amount of pacemaker badges you can receive is limited.

Players can only obtain a total of 1500 pacemaker emblems on the first day. The limit then rises by 1500 again the next day and at 5:00 (Server Time). Throughout the entire Mirroria Tour event, a maximum of 9000 pacemaker badges can be entirely acquired.

What is Tower Fantasy?

Even though the devastation of the earth is tragic, humanity has found a method to survive by escaping to the far-off world of Aida. In Tower of Fantasy, people set out on a comment sci-fi adventure through the game’s expansive open world while engaging in fast-paced battles with monsters and coming across intriguing personalities. Sounds fascinating? Here are six explanations for why you ought to give it a shot.

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