New World Accursed Apophis Quest – Complete Now

New World Accursed Apophis Quest: In Amazon’s online role-playing games New World, if you slowly complete the main story’s tasks, Imhotep will eventually appear at the Hermopolis ruins. He has a quest named “The Accursed Apophis” that will put a lot of strain on your brainpower.

Here’s the main theme: You must investigate a secret burial room in the Hermopolis ruins as part of the quest “The Accursed Apophis.” The switch conundrum at the center of the quest explains in our brief guide.

New World Accursed Apophis Quest
New World Accursed Apophis Quest

There is a tonne of fresh material available for New World gamers in the Brimstone Sands. This new location is not only stunning to look at, but it also offers a tonne of tasks and valuable artifacts. Players may arrive in the Accursed Apophis. And be unsure of what to do while they search for new shrines and gather Golden Scarabs. Fortunately, it’s one of the simpler problems to solve, so players shouldn’t have any trouble finishing it.

TheAccursed Apophis-Resolving the New World’s Switch Puzzle:

What must I do in order to begin “The Cursed Apophis”? Only those players who have already attained level 60 and finished the prior quest “Solve the Riddle” are eligible to begin this one. You should find the task if you pursue the related narrative because. It is a component of the primary plot of New World.

You should first turn to face the enormous sphere with the light source emanating from it (shown below). Turn around and proceed forward from here till you reach two devices that require your interaction. Choosing the right two symbols is the trick in this situation. There are four alternatives on each side, allowing for numerous permutations, but only one of them is viable.

The Accursed Apophis has a unique orb inside of it that spews blue light into the sky, making it rather easy to see. Two levers with scant instructions on how to use them situat on either side of this sphere.

Every time a player engages with one of the levers, a fresh rune is displayed on the device. Players must figure out the right sequence of runs to appear on each lever in this puzzle in order to release the obelisk. Which is located in front of the weird sphere.

How can I resolve the switching puzzle for the Cursed Apophis? Gather the three papers you find spread on the ground by following the task marker into to the ruins.

and then proceed to the control point indicated on the map. In order to activate the mechanism, you must now enter the proper glyphs here.

The following rules should be combined:

  • The left-hand lever needs to display two Xs adjacent to each other.
  • The single X must appear on the lever to the right.

The gateway inside the vault can then be accessible by simply flipping a switch. Before departing for New Corsica, enter the vaults and take the jar as well as the scrolls. Imhotep may be found in the library, where you can hand in the quest and also get your prize.

The obelisk (also known as the Toggle Activator in-game) would become interactable once these runes display. As well as the puzzle will then finish!

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