Luna is already available on the advance server, which means the new update will arrive on the primary server in a few weeks.

More About Free Fire Luna Character:

New character Luna from Free Fire was made available with the OB36 update. She has the best passive abilities and skills. As a result, I’ll describe Luna’s true abilities in this post as well as how to get her in Free Fire.

A real-life person, Urassaya Sperbund, was used as the inspiration for Luna in Free Fire. She also goes by the name Yaya regularly. However, as far as I’m aware, Urassaya Sperbund has already worked with Free Fire. The 2021 short film Undefeated featured her. The short film Undefeated by Garena Free Fire featured some genuine people. Urassaya Sperbund appears in live action in this film.

The passive special ability “Fight or Run” that Luna has in Free Fite accelerates both her movement and her firing rate. Below is a list of the stats for the skill at level 1. an increase in firing rate of 12.5%. When striking an opponent, 10% of the firing rate can only be converted to movement speed. The skill will reset after surviving a battle.

The skill’s overall power is decent because it increases your character’s DPS directly. There have never before existed any talents that quicken the rate at which weapons discharge in Free Fire. Because the skill is now a passive and is therefore helpful for practically all combos, the character will be incredibly well-liked. Live action is observed involving Urassaya Sperbund.