Victoria 3 Puppet VS Dominion – What’s The Difference

Victoria 3 Puppet VS Dominion: Although warfare isn’t one of Victoria 3’s key selling features, it nevertheless plays a significant role in the game. Whether it’s to expand their empire or to protect their borders from hostile neighbours, the majority of nations will engage in war sooner or later.

As one might anticipate, Victoria 3’s combat system is just as intricate as many of its other aspects. If you want to fight your path to victory, you must control your Generals and Battalions, pass legislation that strengthens your military, and push warfronts with some plan.

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Victoria 3 Puppet VS Dominion
Victoria 3 Puppet VS Dominion

Diplomatic Plays – AKA, How To Start A War:

It is not possible to declare open war in Victoria 3. You must instead execute a diplomatic play. Consider these as formal threats made on a global scale against another country. Which are known to all parties having a stake in the area and allow them to intervene at any time.

If your diplomatic play is successful, what happens will depend on the kind of diplomatic play you use to start the war. Be aware that adopting different Diplomatic Plays will result in an infamy penalty. Which will decrease your favorability among other nations with regional interests.

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By the way, it’s vital to note that only strategic regions in which you have expressed interest allow you to engage in diplomatic play. Your reputation and power ranking will determine how many regions you can accomplish this in, and some acts call for persistent interest. Therefore, it must have been announced for a while. Making a Diplomatic Play will cause you to enter the Escalation process rather than going to war.

Escalation And Maneuvers:

Escalation, wherein the conflict’s objectives can be expanded. The possible war objectives will vary depending on the target nation, and most of them correspond to the several Diplomatic Plays you may have employed against that nation. War Reparations is a well-liked war objective that requires the nation to pay you for a while after losing the war, but you can’t just use diplomacy to achieve this.

The following and longest stage is diplomatic manoeuvres. Now is the time to persuade other nations to support you. Countries’ inclinations can be seen in the Sway tab based on where they are in the menu; those who support you are more likely to side with you in the conflict even if you make no promises. The size of their armies is also seen here, demonstrating their potential importance in a conflict.

Click on a nation in the Sway tab, then select a choice with a green “yes” next to it to sway it. You’ll have to wait after being selected while they evaluate the offer. If they agree, they’ll formally join your side in the conflict.

Immediately following the Maneuvers stage, there follows a brief Countdown to War. At this point, either side has the option to back down, which will result in a complete surrender of the war’s objectives but spare lives and property damage. If you have a huge edge over AIs, they will probably give in.

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