Path to Nowhere Reroll Guide

Path to Nowhere Reroll Guide: Want to start playing the new post-apocalyptic booster pack right away? If so, you’ve arrived at the correct place. To make it easier for you to breeze through the early portions of the campaign, we’ve put together a Path to Nowhere spent considerable time guide. Rerolling is a fantastic opportunity to obtain a free S-tier hero more than once early on, so you shouldn’t pass it up.

Path to Nowhere Reroll Guide
Path to Nowhere Reroll Guide

The main objective of the game is for players to protect their Chief from impending attacks. You must sign in to the sport using one of your accounts on social media because it is an online game. Additionally, you can sign in using your Google Account, Facebook profile, Twitter account, or Apple ID. Additionally, using a guest account to enter the game is not permit. You will learn about the game’s Gacha system as you advance through the tutorials and are able to arrest and control Sinner’s Powers.

In the video game Path to Nowhere, you take on the role of a crisis management team and recruit fighters to aid you in putting an end to the city’s criminals. Zombies are also a part of this, as the city was struck by a meteor before the game’s events, which caused a portion of the population to infect. Maintaining stability in the village is the game’s objective as you engage in real-time tower defense games.

Path to Nowhere Reroll Guide
Path to Nowhere Reroll Guide

Reroll guide for Path to Nowhere:

Based on the English game’s version of the game, the accompanying Path to Nowhere reroll guideline was create.

Finish 1-4 Stages to receive Rewards.

Continue through the introduction and finish stages 1-4. the gaming lobby, of course. Click the pre-registration event button under the events icon on the left. Claim all of the benefits for early registration. You’ll get some warrants issues and Hypercubes.

Summon The Characters

When you’ve collected all the goodies, touch the arrest option to access the character summon screen. Choose a banner. Four banners—Sin & Passion, Strange Ideas, Make or Break, and Sin City—are shown before the ceremonial debut. The beginning banner “Sin & Conviction” is currently 20% discounted. Use warrants on this novice banner if you desire one of the following characters: Hamel, Summer, Zara, Bai Yi, or Demon.

The Summer unit under the Strange Thoughts flag has a higher dropout rate. Zoya is a featured unit in Make or Break. Furthermore, Sin Town is a standard banner with a standard drop rate.

You can receive NOX for free, so focus on finding superior troops instead.

If you don’t receive any top-tier characters, reroll.

In the Path to Nowhere, you must reroll if you didn’t receive any top-tier prisoners or characters. To log out, tap the level/profile name symbol in the top-left corner, then select Chief Info, then select the hexagonal icon in the bottom-right corner. Restart the game instead, but don’t sign in.

Tap just on the arrow symbol on the right-hand side of the title screen once you are there. Your current associate account will log out as a result. Then, when prompted to sign in again, choose a different service or account that hasn’t already link.

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