Fall Seven Stories or More in Chrome Blob Form Fortnite Locations

Fall Seven Stories or More in Chrome Blob Form Locations: Chrome has transformed into Alpha and Omega in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 while consuming and, to some extent, terraforming the island. What happens after everything has been consumed is yet unknown, but based on previous experiences, it won’t be good.

However, players must once more embrace Chrome by employing Chrome Splash to transform into a Blob and drop at least seven stories. Why? That is why—for experience points. 20,000 XP will be given to those who succeed in finishing the mission as a reward for a job well done.

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Fall Seven Stories or More in Chrome Blob Form Locations
Fall Seven Stories or More in Chrome Blob Form Fortnite Locations

Where to fall 7 stories or more in Chrome Blob form in Fortnite – A step-by-step guide:

 Find Chrome Splash in Chrome POIs:

Chrome Splash is the only tool that can convert it into a Chrome Blob. Destroying the Chrome structures in and around Chrome POIs will provide this item. To begin this challenge, players must locate at least one Chrome Splash.

Finding basic equipment in addition to this thing is a smart move. It would be pointless to devote the entire game on completing this task because it will only take a moment to do so.

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Rotate to any floating POI or find other high ground that’s taller than 30 meters:

Players must locate a floating platform or a piece of high ground that is greater than 25 metres in distance after they have Chrome Splash. Calculations show that seven stories equal approximately 23.1 metres. To be on the safe side, it is preferable to jump from a higher location than necessary.

The Flairship, The Driftwood, and No Sweat Insurance are the ideal places to finish this task. There are other unusual places and ways to conduct things, but these are reliable. Having said that, don’t forget to check the height twice before jumping.

The 25-meter mark can be reached by players in the usual mode in addition to POIs. They can construct upwards from naturally high land, like the volcanic crater at Lustrous Lagoon, to conserve materials. In that case, if the location is swarming with adversaries, it will be best to select an alternate.

Turn into Blob form using Chrome Splash and jump:

Choose Chrome Splash from the inventory, then throw it on the ground to transform into Chrome. then change to the Blob form. It does not go well if you don’t turn into a Blob before jumping. Given the height, a fall of 25 or so metres will result in immediate extinction.


However, before jumping, it’s best to double check the function keys to make sure there are no serious mistakes. Use Chrome Splash only after the height has been verified. A failure to do so will result in players wasting time setting up again once the effect has worn off.

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