The Headsman Hunt Showdown

The Headsman Hunt Showdown: Hunters and also the other players. Can enjoy the spooky season to the fullest as our Halloween-themed Questline is recently launched. You can acquire unique and unusual in-game items by completing questlines. A new feature for Hunt is available at specific points during the year. It must execute a sequence of specified in-game tasks when a quest line becomes available.

Players will be richly rewarded with instances of things for each quest they successfully complete. During the Halloween event. All you have to do have to crush the pumpkins that appear in the Bayou and face off against The Butcher, a fan-favourite boss who is wearing a pumpkin head. To avoid The Butcher’s fiery arrows and terrifying hook, you’ll have to use all of your abilities.

The Headsman Hunt Showdown
The Headsman Hunt Showdown

Halloween New Update Launch Date:

Our Halloween questline will only be accessible starting at 2:00 PM UTC on October 26 and running through November 9 at 3:30 PM UTC. To fulfil the questline. You must complete six Acts, each of which contains a unique quest. A new Legendary Hunter named “Mama Maye” as well as a Skull Effigy Weapon Charm. Which is among the fantastic gifts up for grabs! Four Legacy Legendaries are also available for purchase. Bring your spooky team together and finish those quests (and pumpkins) to earn all the rewards available.

Halloween New Character Update:

Maye “Mama” Florent is absolutely genuine, despite the fact that she has already been labelled as a myth and legend. In 1890, she lost her second husband and made the decision to never remarry. The 45-year-old was said to have received numerous calls from gentlemen shortly after, but they were never the same one twice. Nobody knew her horrible secret—that the same gentlemen callers who came to her home were being killed—until she abruptly departed her house. The rest of the bodies would be ground up and used as fertiliser in her garden while she kept the heads as souvenirs.

“Her ghostly image is said to be seen tending to the flowers and plants in the greenhouse outside of Lawson, according to local legend. But avoid being caught by her, otherwise, you can become food for her flora.”

As you accomplish several Quests inside each Act, you’ll also receive additional rewards, such as Hunt Dollars and instances of consumables and weaponry. Fear not, as you will then be able to obtain a random Legendary item that you do not already own even if you already have one or more of the Main Rewards unlocked. Mr Chary is constantly trying to make sure that Hunters get paid.

Halloween New Free Gifts:

Mama came to Louisiana in 1894, where she first heard of the Hunt. As soon as she realised there were no rules in the Bayou. She made an effort to learn how to use a gun before joining the battle. Then the warning was issued. Avoid getting caught by Mama Maye if you don’t want to become a flower in her garden.

The gourds that have appeared all across the Hunt have caused some hunters to experience weird feelings. It’s stated that they entice you and murmur pleasures into your ear. The yellow pumpkins want to be destroyed. They beg to be tramped on, shot at, and cut up into crow food. Some people have reported feeling off after coming across those yellow pumpkins. They claim that their peculiarly delicious aroma causes them to lose themselves in delight and pleasure by the time they awaken. Hours may have passed. Initially, the AHA intended Hunters to steer clear of pumpkins at all costs, but when more started to grow. The Hunt grew dangerous. There is only one thing left to do, which is to immediately get rid of them all.

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