MW2 Error Code Niamey Lee – Fix Now

MW2 Error Code Niamey Lee: The official release of Modern Warfare 2 is just around the verge, but there are still plenty of issues that need to be fixed. Recently, PS5 players have been experiencing an issue where the program auto-updates and displays the error number NIAMEY-LEE when launched again. In this tutorial, we’ll examine if Modern Warfare 2 contains a workaround for the new problem that only appears to affect PS5 and some PS4 gamers.

MW2 error code niamey lee
MW2 Error Code Niamey Lee

Fix MW2’s Niamey-Lee error on the PS5:

The Niamey-Lee error code is the most recent issue to affect PS5 users of Modern Warfare 2 and is one of the game’s many bugs. Here, we’ll look over Modern Warfare 2 fixes.

After the most recent update for PS5, the error code NIAMEY-LEE displays, informing the player that they must reset their rank and all achievements because the downloaded information is corrupt or couldn’t download properly in order to proceed. Before you reset your games, you should attempt this straightforward solution discovered by Mckeown breakxr. You should click the Settings icon, then go to the settings page and choose any settings subcategory to resolve the NIAMEY-LEE issue. To leave settings after entering them, use the circular button on the controller. Users were returned to their previous campaign mission as a result of the update.

Once you have completed the campaign missions, it is advised to avoid loading into the main menu as some users have reported that doing so causes the game to crash. Additionally, it is essential to restart your task before continuing to prevent the game freezing.

You can try a few of the potential solutions listed below in addition to the aforementioned remedy to get around the Modern Warfare 2 bug.

MW2 error code niamey lee
MW2 Error Code Niamey Lee
  • To fix game files, navigate to the PS5 settings and choose the gear icon in the upper right corner. Go on storage > apps and games > MW2 from there. Removing and installing
  • Clear Cache: Turn the console off and remove the plug from the socket. Plug it again in after a brief delay, then turn the console back on.
  • Check the status of the game servers; if they are down, logging in will be problematic. Online server status checks for MW2 are available.
  • Check Networks: If there are issues with your network, you can try a different network. A mobile hotspot, an Ethernet jack, or a router reset.

That is all there is to learn about the Modern Warfare 2 issue code NIAMEY-LEE and the way to resolve it. Check read our other tutorials as well if you enjoy this one.

MW2 Error Code Niamey Lee- What to Do ?

A few hours ago, there was a fresh patch for gamers on PC. And they too are experiencing the NIAMEY-LEE error. But there’s no need to fear because we took a chance and ignored the directions. In reality, the game simply resets and you don’t lose any of your previous progress. When you receive the message “Your data is corrupt or didn’t download properly,” do the following. To proceed, you must restore your rating and unlocks [Reason: NIAMEY Lee]”

  • When you see an error, click Yes.
  • After the game has finished loading its resources, click Continue.
  • Select Maybe Later when prompted to select the Vault Edition.
  • To accept the Mature Content Notice, click I Understand.
  • Select “Proceed” if “Restart Required” appears.

You won’t lose any progress at all because the game will restart.

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