How to Find Inkquisitor Bundle Ries Fortnite

Inkquisitor Bundle Ries Fortnite: You’ll need to assist in taking down the Fortnite Inkquisitor at Grim Gables if you’d like to cross that particular task off your Night list of chores. The Fortnite Inkquisitor, as well as Fortnite Inkquisitor as just some refer to them, is a new NPC manager introduced as a portion of the Fortnitemares occasion for 2022. It pays to join up with other players and work together just to take them down, as with other boss fights you’ll come across in the battle royale. While it’s not possible to do it alone own, it’s undoubtedly much more challenging.

 Inkquisitor Ries Fortnite
Inkquisitor Bundle Ries Fortnite

You must know where to find the Fortnite Inkquisitor in order to begin this job; doing so requires performing a little ceremony in the depths of Grim Gables. Once that’s done, you’ll need to use your finest Fortnite combat strategies to take down this formidable NPC boss because if you try to assault them head-on, you won’t have time to shout “Trick or treat!” In light of this, we have the best tips on how to assist in the defeat of the Inkquisitor at Grim Gables in Fortnite.

You can enter this place by bursting through the flooring of the barn in the corn labyrinth to the northwest of the house, although the open entry is easier to use. It is located by the northwestern side of the ancient home at Grim Gables. There is a yellow excavator next to the entrance. Once you’re underground, you must enter the area surrounded by a circle of six fires, which will light up upon seeing you. Soon after, Fortnite’s Inkquisitor will spawn here, so get ready to fight!

Where to Locate Inkquisitor in Fortnite:

According to the task description, you can find the Fortnite Inkquisitor near Grim Gables, a comparatively recent POI to the island’s north where Shifty Shafts once existed. This information is important since you must descend down the former mine shafts to locate this NPC boss.

In order to defeat the Fortnite Inkquisitor, it is ideal to enlist the aid of a whole squad. This will allow you to divert the boss’ attention by hitting from various angles. Preventing you from being fully absorbed by their onslaught. You’ll certainly complete the task as long as your deal some harm to this NPC. Because your assistance in taking down the Inkquisitor will be counted even if the remainder of your team takes care of business. Of fact, it is feasible to complete this task alone, but doing so requires a high level of ability.

 Inkquisitor Ries Fortnite
Inkquisitor Bundle Ries Fortnite

Firefly Containers and the Jack-O-Launcher are the preferred weapons for Fortnite Inkquisitor. Thus they’ll swiftly engulf the beginning mine area in fire and can inflict significant damage with precise rocket attacks. So your initial move needs to be escaping out of that enclosed region right away. As soon as you have more space to maneuver in the open. Move around and drop behind the cover to dodge incoming fire before using the most potent weapons. You can find to gradually reduce the boss’ shielding and health. In order to keep your own levels from slipping into danger. It is ideal to also have some fast-acting healing supplies on hand, such as mini shield potions and medical mist.

Who is the Inkquisitor boss in Fornite?

A brand-new Fortnite boss named The Inkquisitor debuted with a 22.20 Fortnitemares update. One of the Forenitemares quests can complete by assisting the Inkquisitor. Who will drop their Mythic Repressed SMG and a Pumpkin Launcher after defeat?

How to win the Fortnite game Inkquisitor:

The Inkquisitor is a very simple fight, but before fighting on the newest Fortnite monster. You should load up on shielding and high-damage weaponry.

 Inkquisitor Ries Fortnite
Inkquisitor Bundle Ries Fortnite

Before entering the circle to call the Inkquisitor, it is advisable to make sure your barrier is at 100. Because they will be launching Firefly Jars and Pumpkin Launchers at you. Additionally, be on the lookout for the zombies they’ll call upon to attack you.

Just stay away from the fire and explosions, and you can quickly deplete the Inkquisitor’s large health bar.

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