WOW Stuck on Loading Screen – Fix Now

WOW Stuck on Loading Screen: Do you frequently get stopped at the loading screen while playing popular games like World of Warcraft, Fortnite, or PUBG? Here are some solutions and advice to help you deal with games’ lengthy loading screens.

This guide is presuming that the reason for your lengthy loading screen is not due to poor network access, missing or damaged game files, or any of those things. If your internet connection is unstable, you should probably check this or contact your ISP. Try the advice listed below if not.

WOW Stuck on Loading Screen
WOW Stuck on Loading Screen

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How to fix a long loading screen in WoW:

Here are a few easy fixes provided by gamers that have the same problem with lengthy loading screens whether playing PUBG or World of Warcraft. They are worth attempting since several users who have tried them reported that these patches helped them resolve their issues with these games’ lengthy loading screens.

World of Warcraft long loading screen problem:

The majority of users who experience the lengthy loading screen issue in World of Warcraft have found a common solution that works. To test if it fixes yours, you can try the fix.

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Bring up the chat and type the following command line while you are signed into World of Warcraft and on any instance.

The Blizzard client’s streaming feature can also be disabled as a workaround. Click on the Blizzard logo, which is typically located in the upper left corner of the window, in your Blizzard launcher or client. Select Settings next. To turn off streaming, go to the streaming settings and uncheck the box next to Enable streaming.

Reducing your view distance in-game, which can be modified from inside the WoW graphic options, is another, more useful approach to speed up loading. That will entail giving up view distance in favor of a quicker loading time.

The long loading screen in games due to slow HDD:

Before you can begin playing the game, the game must load all necessary data from your HDD during the so-called loading screen in order to display images and game material to you. This data may include maps, instances, models, or other items.

So, if your HDD is slow, clogged up, fragmented, or just plain awful. It will significantly slow down how quickly your games load. Sometimes the loading screen will be delayed. Lengthy if your disc is being used by other programs that you run alongside your games.

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When your game is stuck at the loading screen. You may quickly determine if that is the case by just looking at your disc activity. To launch Task Manager, use right-click on your taskbar. Look at the activity of the disc where your game is kept by going to the Performance tab. It suggests that your HDD has a problem if it is always running at 100% active time. And you may need to perform some maintenance (read below).

Using an SSD to help improve the read speed

A faster hard disc drive, such as a solid-state drive (SSD). Would undoubtedly enhance and assist in resolving the issue of long loading screens. Games on your computer because disc reading performance is a direct contributing component and cause of this issue.

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