One Plus x Genshin Impact Collab – Complete Details

One Plus x Genshin Impact: The OnePlus Ace Pro, also known as the OnePlus 10T outside of China, is the company’s current flagship. Genshin Impact Limited Edition, a unique variation that replaces the standard Black/Greenback panel, comes with a new theme, bespoke animations, and colours.

This OnePlus Ace Pro edition’s internal components are identical to those of the top model of the standard phone: 16GB of RAM, 512GB of storage, a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 CPU, and a 4,800 mAh battery with 150W charging. Although OnePlus provided a custom case that matches the Genshin Impact theme, some coupons and shopping points for the Oppo store, as well as some stickers and posters, the retail box is significantly richer. The theme is a feature of ColorOS 12.1’s customization possibilities; new wallpapers, redesigned icons, and a UI colour scheme that matches the Genshin Impact theme as a whole are all included.

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 One Plus x Genshin Impact
One Plus x Genshin Impact Collab

The phone costs CNY4,299, or around $588, but more intriguingly, this is the same cost as the OnePlus Ace Pro with 16/512 GB of storage. All significant Chinese retailers, including Oppo’s shop, are accepting registrations for and pre-orders for the package, however it seems unlikely that the phone will be sold outside of China.

Genshin Impact x OnePlus Sucrose-themed limited gift box:

During the version 2.3 webcast, Genshin Impact revealed a teaser on their partnership with OnePlus. The photograph, however, merely displayed a mint-colored box with the title “Codename: Alchemy” and the release date of November 2022.

Combining these three elements, Genshin Impact enthusiasts have come to the conclusion that Sucrose, an alchemist with Anemo vision born in November, may be a part of the partnership.

And this afternoon’s statement about the company’s cooperation with Genshin Impact from the OnePlus Weibo account—equivalent to China’s of Twitter—confirmed their presumptions.

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Starting on November 5, you can get a limited-edition gift box with a Genshin Impact x OnePlus Sucrose theme. However, since pre-orders can only be made through OPPO Mall and other OnePlus Chinese shops, the likelihood of worldwide fans tasting this is scarcely plausible.

They won’t be able to order it because of the official website’s language barrier, and there might be an issue with delivery as well.

MiHoYo mentioned how they would release a Genshin Impact and OnePlus partnership in November 2022 during the Genshin Impact 2.3 Chinese livestream on Bilibili.

Despite only being stated in China, it caught the attention of viewers worldwide who are interested in learning more. The OnePlus Weibo account finally made the news about this relationship on October 26.

Goodies in the Genshin Impact x OnePlus gift box:

The cost of the Genshin Impact x OnePlus gift box is 3,799.00 yen, or 595 dollars. In-game awards as well as tangible goods are both available to the customer.

  1. OnePlus 9RT
  2. Sucrose phone case
  3. Sucrose stand poster
  4. Anemo-themed back-clip cooling fan
  5. Sucrose badge

Additionally, purchasers will get a redemption code for in-game Genshin Impact goodies like:

  1. 1000 Primogems
  2. 5x Vayuda Turquoise Chunk
  3. 15x Mystic Enhancement Ore
  4. 100000 Mora
  5. 5x Nutritious Meal (V.593)

Genshin Impact fans who enjoy Sucrose are drawn to the OnePlus 9RT phone since it has a Sucrose theme pre-installed. Even though it costs more than $500 USD. Chinese gamers may be persuaded to purchase the gift package because of its restricted availability.

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