How to Fix WoW a Character with That Name Already Exists

WoW a Character with That Name Already Exists: You might discover that you didn’t give your character enough time to log out or to close the game without waiting in your eagerness to return to World of Warcraft, including the Shadowlands expansion. The error notice “A character with the identical name already exists” may, unfortunately, result from this. What you need to know about this mistake and the best way to handle it are listed below.

Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft, which was first released in 2004, is one of the most popular multiplayer online role-playing games. The fourth game in the Warcraft series has completely changed how modern MMORPGs are played. Despite considerable stability and smooth operation, many users have been complaining about the game’s various flaws and problems.

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WoW a Character with That Name Already Exists
WoW a Character with That Name Already Exists

According to numerous complaints, this problem has recently prevented users from logging in to a character. Fortunately, if you are unable to access your character in World of Warcraft, you have a few options. Learn how to resolve the World of Warcraft “A character with that name already exists” error in this article.

What’s up with the World of Warcraft message “A character with that name already exists?”

This error happens when your character cannot be properly deleted after logging out on Blizzard’s servers. The phrase “Character already online” may also appear, explaining why this took place. If an apparent duplication prevents you from accessing your character, there are, fortunately, a few options.

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Log in with an alt

If you have one, log in with a different character and then completely log out of the game. You might also use this opportunity to develop a different persona you’ve been considering for some time.

Reset your UI

The performance of a system can occasionally be impacted by particular add-ons, and corruption can spread to your ability to log in. If you continue to see the “identical name” error, quit the game and remove any previously installed add-ons.

Choose Options, Show in Explorer for Windows or Reveal in Finder for Mac when the software is open. Depending on the edition your character is in, choose the retail or classic subfolder inside the World of Warcraft folder. The Cache, Interface, and WTF folders can now be renamed to CacheOld, InterfaceOld, and WTFOld, respectively. When you relaunch the game, you’ll see these modifications.

Keep waiting

If the aforementioned techniques don’t work, the server might be busy erasing your character. Play a few games of Hearthstone or Overwatch while Blizzard teleports your character out of existence because this will happen automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity.

We strongly advise getting in touch with the World of Warcraft support staff if you still have issues. You can access them on Blizzard’s website and submit a ticket to let them know about the problem you’re experiencing with the game. If you start having to wait several hours to access your character, they ought to be able to give you an accurate response. Although we hope this won’t happen, it’s always a good idea to know how to get in touch with the World of Warcraft support staff.

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