Fortnite Overwatch Collab- Complete Details

Fortnite Overwatch Collab: Always being careful about keeping in its lane, Overwatch. The universe of Overwatch was everywhere you look, despite the rare spray or costume allusion to a work of non-Blizzard or non-Activision property rights. Overwatch 2 might soon see a modification in that.

Overwatch VP Jon Specter firmly suggested that Overwatch 2 would engage in some Fortnite-style partnerships in an interview at Gaming Informer. Fans were taken aback by a perplexing McDonald’s display weeks earlier Overwatch 2 was released in early access. An employee in Australia identified a new “Overwatch 2” food item on the menu at one specific location.

At first, that was the only information we had. Before we received our first formal tease on October 10, there were several weeks of quiet from Blizzard and McDonald’s. Just a few days later, the entire details of the crossover promotion have made public, and new Overwatch 2 meals are now available in Australia.

Fortnite Overwatch Collab
Fortnite Overwatch Collab

Australian players can now purchase limited-time Overwatch dinners to get the Epic Thunder Tracer Outfit.

Overwatch 2 Collab McDonald’s:

For a brief period of time, three distinctive dinners are now exclusively accessible in Australia. It’s vital to remember that only the MyMacca App can be used to order these Overwatch dishes.

The only thing we know for sure is that there is only a “smaller supply of codes” available for the exclusive Skin that goes with this deal, so it is the first come, last serve. See more about that below.

Overwatch 2 Vice President Wants To Work With More Brands and Says Fortnite Is “Awesome”

Spector stated, “We’ve seen a few really entertaining examples of games collaborating with other businesses or other games.” “I’m a huge fan of anime. I find it really cool when Naruto makes an appearance in Fortnite. Even if I don’t play Fortnite, that is fantastic. These are the things we want to investigate when we looked just at Overwatch 2 market. One of our guiding principles is to implement it in a manner that feels very appropriate again for the Overwatch franchise if and when we want to do that.”

There is at least one advantage to these collaborations beyond the addition of more cosmetic options, even though it may be startling to see Naruto clothes for Tracer or Roadhog. These partnerships, in Spector’s opinion, would lessen the possibility of “ads-in-our-game kind crap.”

That’s fortunate because the battle passes in Overwatch 2 have already drawn a lot of criticism. In order to unlock new heroes, users must reach level 55 just on the ticket (unless they purchase the premium ticket, of course). Even worse, when Overwatch opens on October 4, new players won’t have even access to the entire roster. Before the entire roster is made available, they must play through 100 games, which equates to several hours of gameplay.

McDonald’s Food and The Epic Lightning Tracer Skin For Overwatch 2:

By purchasing any of the aforementioned Overwatch dinners, you can receive an in-game bonus. The Tracer Epic Thunder Skin represents this. Despite not being entirely original, this option provides straightforward access for people who, despite having launched back in 2018, still need to finish their cosmetics collection.

The Tracer Skin cannot exchange for anything else if you already have it. The only in-game incentive offered during this brief promotion in Australia is just one.

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