Chivalry 2 Unknown Error – Not Launching, Crashing, UE Crash, Fatal Error & Freezing On PC

Chivalry 2 Unknown Error: If you are here, you may be having problems with “Matchmaking Error-We’re having trouble right now” or “Login Error-Request Timeout or null response.” Try once more, please. Not to worry! I’ll provide you a straightforward solution to these issues in this essay.

A multiplayer version of Chivalry: Medieval, Chivalry 2 is a game. It is accessible on PCs as well as gaming consoles such the Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 4. Like other games, it has its share of bugs, and it appears that people often encounter the Matchmaking Failed Error or the Login Error.

Chivalry 2 Not Working – Matchmaking Error:

If you are an experienced player and tried matchmaking, you might have seen the message “We’re experiencing problems right now.” on your screen. Try once more, please. This could be the result of new players being impatient to play the game for the first time due to server issues.

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Chivalry 2 Unknown Error
Chivalry 2 Unknown Error

Follow these steps to get rid of this error:

You can try manually selecting players instead of automatic matchmaking and play it.

  1. Click on ‘Server Browser’ on the main screen which will open a list of available servers to play on.
  2. Select any available server in which you’ll be able to play.

You can also try disabling crossplay:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Crossplay option and Disable it.

Chivalry 2 Not Working – Login Error:

If you receive the message “Login Error-Request Timeout or null response,” the server may be down. On all platforms, this game is now experiencing technical difficulties, and users are having login problems.

Many users are having login and matchmaking problems since the game’s launch on November 8, 2022. On Twitter, the official Chivalry 2 account stated that they are aware of login issues across all platforms. But it then tweeted that the “Login Error” problem had been resolved.

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“You vs. Bot” is a game that you can play offline as well. However, until the Chivalry 2 team is able to control server issues, these problems will persist.


Since Chivalry 2 was released on June 8, a lot of new players want to try it out, which is why a lot of users are experiencing login and matching errors. I sincerely hope that the information in the aforementioned article has assisted you in solving your Chivalry 2 Not Working problems.

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Why Chivalry 2 is not working?

This might be caused by the host of new players who is trying to experience the game for the first time and this is due to server trouble.

How do I fix Chivalry not working issue?

You can try disabling crossplay from the console or manually selecting players instead of automatic matchmaking and play it.

Is Chivalry 2 free?

Yes, it is completely free and you can download it on your PC or other gaming platforms like Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation4.

Will Chivalry 2 be on Steam?

Yes, it will be available on Steam as well as on Epic Games.

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