Overwatch 2 Stats Not Updating – Fix Now

Overwatch 2 Stats Not Updating: The most eagerly anticipated multiplayer game of 2022 is Overwatch 2. The game has now been made available by Blizzard, bringing Overwatch’s curtain down. This game is available for free to play, unlike OW1. Due to the game’s F2P nature, gamers are swarming it to test out everything fresh it has to offer.

The game servers have some issues due to the daily influx of thousands of users, such as incorrect player statistics. We thus have a patch for you if your in-game statistics are not showing the correct data.

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Overwatch 2 Stats Not Updating
Overwatch 2 Stats Not Updating

Why are your Statistics not updating?

Every action you take in Overwatch 2 is recorded in-game, including the number of hours you spend playing and the amount of damage you deal. However, many players complained that the stats in their statistics were not accurate. This is primarily a client-side problem that can be quickly fixed.

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“I was approximately 15 minutes early the first time I entered, and all of my stats and skins were lost. I assumed that the fact that I was early was the reason why the game treated me as if I were brand-new. Now that I know this is a recognised bug, I’m a little concerned. When I contacted Blizzard, they advised me to wait until they could settle the issue on the forums. Such a joke.

“After logging in on PS4, the tutorial was immediately accessible. My stats and skins are all lost. Nothing is left. I didn’t even try to play; instead, I just ended the programme and left. After seeing that, I was completely uninspired to play.


How to Fix Stats not Updating:

You must merge your accounts to fix the Overwatch 2 issue with career profile metrics not updating. You must wait for your Overwatch 1 data to sync with Overwatch 2 if you have already combined your accounts but your stats are still not updating. The player database is overloaded, therefore this could take many hours. Try restarting the game and confirming that your data has synchronised.


To ensure that statistics are updated accurately, there are numerous fixes. Here is a detailed instruction:

  • For PC and console players alike, close all instances of your game once you see your stats are not updating.
  • Restart the game, which will most likely update your in-game stats.
  • If the stats are still not updating, check if you have any game updates pending through your console menu or Battle.net launcher (on PC).
  • Unfortunately, if the above fixes don’t fix your problem, then contact Blizzard support.


  • Launch Overwatch 2 on your PC or Console.
  • After the game is launched, head over to the Cross Progression menu.
  • Click on the “Continue” prompt and scan the QR code.
  • Enter your login details and confirm.
  • After confirming, wait for at least 10 minutes, your accounts will be merged, and the stats will hopefully be updated.


Therefore, we hope that our fixes will assist you in resolving the problem until Blizzard issues a fix for all the existing issues. For further advice, check out our Overwatch 2 guides.

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